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Gr.8 Geography

No description


on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Gr.8 Geography

Moscow, Russia Washington, D.C Warsaw, Poland Language Russia has its own russian language Health Care in Russia Due to social, economic, and lifestyle changes, the health care isnt as stable as it used to be Education in Russia Russia has a literacy rate of 98%, which is one of the most top countries with literacy Growing Econony Russia is the 11th largest country with economy Unemployment rate of Russia Development in Russia Russia is 71st out of 182countries in human development Enviornmental quality for Russia Russia has bad enviornmenal quality, with a huge rate of polution Language for Poland there are a total of 18 languages spoken in Poland, some of them are Polish, English, and Russian Health care in Poland The constitution of 1952 guaranteed universal free health care. Economy in Poland Poland is one of the most sucsessful places for economy Political stability for Poland The political stability is falling apart because of the fall of the Poland President Education in Poland First, I'll talk about Pull and push factors A pull factor is something that attracts you to move into another place, wether it's a new job, better economy etc A push factor is when something bad could happen to the place your livivng in now and it makes you move away When a grade 8 graduates, they must first take an exam Job availability in Poland Hi my name is Yonnik I am a worker working for Ford Motors and just got 2 job opportunnities, 1 in Russia and 1 in Poland and I must choose which one Envornmental quality in Poland Standard of living (Poland) Opportunnities for culture in Poland There are opportunities for British architects in Poland.

Language for Washington D.C The language spoken in Washington is English, spanish, european, and Asian Health Care in Washington $ needed for helath care Growing Economy for Washington Washington's Economy (GDP), was estimated at 14.2 Trillion Dollars USA has 50 states run by a very sucessful president so the political stability is pretty sucsessful Political Stability for Washington Education in Washington The kids are usually supposed to start school at the age of 6 to the age of 18, some students are alowed to leave ath the age of 17 or 18 Job availability for Washington Standard of living in USA USA is one of the top 20 countries that has top standard of living Enironment quality for USA, there was a survey taken for ratings of enviornment Opportunnities for culture in Washington The culture is mostly influenced by british My desicion weither to move to Moscow Russia or Warsaw Poland has been chosen I have chosen to Move to Poalnd
because..... Population for Russia The estimated population in Russia is 141 million Population for Warsaw, Poland 1,711,466 The Barriers for Russia are just economical The Barriers for Poland are also just economical
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