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"Each Little Bird That Sings"

No description

Diamond Reyes

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of "Each Little Bird That Sings"

By: Deborah Wiles
Each Little Bird That Sings

The setting of
Each Little Bird That Sings
by Deborah Wiles is in Snapfinger , Mississippi and most of the story takes place at Comfort Snowberger's family funeral home. It takes place in present time. The setting is important to the story's main events and Comfort's life because she witnesses and attends many deaths and funerals in the time that she lives in the funeral home. She meets her best friend and learns what death really means and represents due to her attendance of 247 funerals.
Main Character: Comfort Snowberger
Comfort Snowberger the main character of Deborah Wiles second book,
Each Little Bird That Sings
, is the age of ten and the middle child of the family. She normally wears her Snowberger's baseball cap along with her black flip flops, lime green shorts, and Snowberger's baseball shirt. She always maintains a tomboy look even when her friends are dressed for an occasion. Comfort enjoys writing obituaries for the daily news paper and exploring the sights of Snapfinger's cemeteries and parks. She doesn't have too much tolerance for not being able to see friends on a daily basis and her disappointing cousin, Peach.
Deborah Wiles: Short Biography
A Book Summary
"Each Little Bird That Sings"
After Comfort's Great Aunt Florentine passes away, Comfort is forced to watch her obnoxious cousin, Peach, who is always ruining everything. On top of that, Comfort's best friend, Declaration, becomes a whole new person and finds other friends over the summer, while spending time with her mother's side of the family.
Short Summary
Favorite Line/Part
My favorite line from the book is when Great-Uncle Edisto says, "It's not how you die that makes the important impression, Comfort; it's how you
If I were to rate
Each Little Bird That Sings
I would give it 5 stars because it teaches people the importance of family and friendship. This book explained that everything serves you even if it doesn't seem like it . I really enjoyed the story because it was surprising and realistic at the same time. Plus it gave useful advice to use in everyday life.
Additional Thoughts/Suggestions
Deborah Wiles, the author of
Each Little Bird That Sings, Countdown, Freedom Summer, Love Ruby Lavender, Revolution, and The Aurora County All Stars
, took her very first breath in the state of Alabama on May 7, 1953. Today, she currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Jim Pierce and her four beloved children. Deborah enjoys reading and gardening as well as (of course) writing. She ranges her writing from award winning novels to children's picture books. Her second novel,
Each Little Bird That Sings
, proudly earned a National Book Finalist award in 2005.
During the time that Comfort watches Peach, a surprise flood covers the ground near the Listening Rock and both Peach and Comfort are swept away with the water. When the current gets stronger and the flood gets bigger, Comfort and Peach get bashed into a tree while trying to save their dog who was now caught in the water. Trying to save the dog, Comfort looses grasp of Peach and he is swept further into the distance. Comfort grabs a hold of Peach and the dog swirls away into the powerful flood. In the loss of their dog, Peach and Comfort grieve for a while after, but then bond and connect with their experience. They become closer and forgive each other for their pasts. At the same time, declaration apologizes for how she behaved and the relationship between her and Comfort finally starts to come back together.
In the end, the author teaches the lesson that disappointment could be good and can lead to something better than you might have expected. The author taught people that everything happens for a reason and it may not seem like it, but everything serves us a great purpose, even death.
This book is mainly about a young girl named Comfort Snowberger who has witnessed and attended many deaths and funerals because of her funeral home living environment. When her Great Aunt Florentine passes one day, Comfort is expected to watch her younger, annoying cousin, Peach. One day Peach and Comfort go down near Listening Rock. Suddenly, a great flood comes in and injures Comfort, Peach, and their dog, Dismay. After everything happened, Dismay was carried away by the current and Comfort ended up saving Peach's life. When Dismay doesn't return, Comfort and Peach grieve over the loss and eventually bond and forgive each other for the past, mending their broken relationship.
In the end you need to read this book because not only does it give you helpful advice, but it is a heart warming story that every person can enjoy. It is thrilling and full of twisted surprises! The next time you go to your bookstore pick up
Each Little Bird That Sings
by Deborah Wiles!
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