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No description

Magi Sumpter

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Artemis

Artemis is the goddess of the moon, forest and the hunt. Her twin brother, Apollo, is god of the sun, music, and poetry.
Leto was forbidden by Hera to give birth to Artemis and Apollo on the mainland or on an island. So they were born in secret in Delos, which was considered neither.
Famous Myths
*killed Poseidon's twin sons, the Aloadae giants

*fell in love with Orion, who was killed by Apollo out of jealousy
*transformed Actaeon into a deer, killing him with his own dogs
*turned Agamemnon's daughter into a goddess, Hecate
can transform into any wild animal she pleases
can send sudden death or disease
can heal anyone she wants
protects children and baby animals
she would do some things without thinking.
she was unforgiving
she had a bad temper
she was strong
she was helpful in battle
she was crazy determined
Goddess of the Moon, Forest, and SHOOTING THINGS!
at the mere age of three, Artemis was given a silver bow and arrow forged by three cyclops
as Apollo brings the sun into the sky, Artemis brings the moon
she was given seven hound dogs by Pan to aid her in the hunt
Artemis's symbol is the bow and arrow, and is usually depicted alongside either dogs or a deer
Artemis: Goddess of the Moon, Forest, and the Hunt
by Magi Sumpter
Roman Equivalent
Artemis's Roman equivalent is Diana.
What Makes Her Special?
(Warning: Artemis is not the daughter of Demeter or the goddess of love as this video states. The person did this for a project and probably failed.) :P
*only goddess that had a twin
*she was responsible for all the deaths of young women; Apollo dealt with the males
*she has been associated with several other names, such as Phoebe and Selene
*the 4th temple of Artemis was one of the wonders of the ancient world
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*Artemis went against Hera's wishes in the Trojan War and sided with the Trojans (things did not go well between the two)
A Chick of Many Names
Artemis (obviously)
Aeginaea (wielder of javelin)
Aetole (goddess of javelin)
Agoraea (protector of agora)
Agrotera (patron goddess of hunters)
Alphaea (goddess of hunting)
Potnia Theron (patron of wild animals)
Phoebe, Cynthia, & Selene (goddess of moon)
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(Sorry in advance for not using a non-Internet source. I have no life outside of Google... :P)
Family Line
Magi's Myth
Artemis was running through the forest, for night wouldn't begin if she didn't pull the moon out of the sea. A deer, her loved companion, was always by her side. She was in a hurry to get everything done before it went off schedule. She had just returned from battle at Troy, where she sided with the Trojans instead of the Greeks. She heard an arrow whiz by her head. In one motion, she had her arrow pulled out of her quiver and aimed at the target of the shot. It was a Hyleoroi nymph sent by Hera to punish her. She let go of one arrow aiming for the nymph and missed, hitting a branch right below her. It snapped off the tree and tumbled down, landing inside of the deer's head. AND THAT'S HOW DEER GOT ANTLERS...
from kid-eating grandpa
to goddess o' da moon
Ending Video...
ADIOS, AMIGOS!!! (Why am I speaking Spanish?)
WAIT! One more thing!
Any way I can get an A on this?
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