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Emirates Airlines

motivation and leadership in the organization

Hesham Abdulla

on 23 December 2012

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Transcript of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines Done By: Hesham Abdulla
Khalid Moustafa
Mohamed Sandid
Yousef Sawas
Osama Fathi Emirates Airlines is situated at the Dubai International Airport.

Many destinations.

Largest Airlines in the middle east.

It has a geographical advantages.

It is a subsidiary in the Emirates Group. About Emirates Airlines Established in 1985.

Began by leasing Boeing 737-300 from Pakistani Airlines.

1986, New lanes to Colombo, Cairo, Amman and Dhaka.

1987, Frankfurt via Istanbul and to Male Maldive islands.

1989, Bangkok, Manila, Singapore and HongKong.

Early ‘90s they became a market leader in freight and consumer transport. History What's a Leader?

What's a Coach?

The Role of a Coach

The Role of Motivation

The Leader as a Coach Leadership and Motivation Like a Coach The board chair, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum holds the greatest ceremonial role in the firm.

Sheikh Ahmed joined the aviation industry in 1985. He was at first the President of the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation.

The Sheikh is the Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer at Emirates Airline and Group. Top Management Emirates Airlines has a modern leadership structure

His experience in the aviation business spans back to 1972. With such a vast experience in flying and aeronautics

Currently, he is the chair to the Emirates foundation and had been the Chief Executive at Sri-Lankan airlines before being contracted by the Emirates. Top Management About Emirates


Leadership and Motivation Like a Coach

Top Management Table of Contents Under the leadership of Tim Clark, the company has continued to experience accelerated growth since its inception two decades ago. Top Management
He is the face behind the airline’s success and the pillar of growth.

The introduction of the large fleet customized Boeing planes. A380, A530 Sheikh Ahmed is a politician who holds quite a number of government positions.

He plays an increasingly central role in leading the emirate’s finance and energy sectors.

He is believed to be behind the Emirate’s much appreciated visionary growth.
He is our second coach leader. Top Management Any Questions? Thank you for Listening Emirate’s vision is to build and maintain the market leadership that looks beyond conventional track. The leadership always strives to make calculated decisions with innovative ideas. The business always maintains it high standards of business ethics. It takes pride in fulfilling its obligations to towards the society and environment.

Mission and Vision The mission of Emirates is to maintain its steady growth rate of 20% in the years to come. It could maintain this growth rate in spite of all the adverse situations that plagued airline business all over the world. It aims to continue its leadership as an award winning airline business. It also aims to maintain its reputation for operating the youngest fleet of aircraft.
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