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The Great Greene Heist

No description

Jed Young The Great

on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of The Great Greene Heist

The Great Greene Heist
Varian Johnson
Jackson Greene he is smart, a con artist, likes Gaby.
flat people round people
Jackson is round because we know his life.
Kieth Sinclair is running against Gaby for school president and beacuse of his fathers money he is gaurented to win unless Jackson Greene can stop him.
The theme is be who you are and if needed con your way out of things
Maplewood middle school, Hashemis shed, Gabys house, and school garden
the great greene heist
Gabriela de la Cruz running for school president likes Jackson but hates him too.
Hashemi Larijami tech genius can do anything with a computer and his head.
Keith is flat because we know nothing about him and he is barley in the story
I thought the book was good i recommend it. It has no sequel it is not part of a series I think that people who like books will like this. why? because they like books.
the importance of the settings
he school because, thats where the heist happens and the shed because, thats where everything is planned.
story summery
Jackson and his team will try to stop Keith Sinclair from becoming school president they know he will cheat will they stop him or die trying?
the end
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