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Prezi @ NWNHPEI 2011

Meta-prezi from Anna Johnson's talk at the Northwest Nursing and Health Professions Educational Institute (14 June 2011)

Anna Johnson

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of Prezi @ NWNHPEI 2011

Welcome to Prezi! WITH Frames: COLORS & FONTS: This is Title 1 text This is Title 2 text This is Body text To customize your text display, click the Colors & Fonts bubble then click the Theme Wizard. WITHOUT Frames: (seasickness sufferers,
please close your eyes!) Raise your hand if ... ANNA JOHNSON, Instructor & Librarian, Mt Hood Community College The intro
video @
Prezi.com: AN EASY & ENGAGING Learn more & explore more: http://sites.google.com/site/nwnhpei2011prezi Prezi is not slide software What's
wrong with
slide software? It's not infinitely zoom-able,
but it's pretty darn close! Types of Prezi accounts: Old Zebra
New Zebra PRESENTATION TOOL http://prezi.com/vg06jb1gkdgg/periodic-table-zoomable It's both a movie and a canvas.
... see the parts ... ... and see the whole ... How does Prezi work? Post-WIMP interface
Hello ZUI, so long GUI! New metaphors! Frames (not slides)
Elements (not bullets)
Paths (not shows) DESIGN STRATEGY:
think photography DESIGN STRATEGY:
frames good,
sea-sickness bad! DESIGN STRATEGY:
Colors & Fonts thing 1
thing 2
thing 3 thing 4
thing 5
thing 6 thing 1
thing 2
thing 3 thing 4
thing 5
think tag cloud ... exploring the Prezi workspace... more to explore: Prezi meeting:
http://prezi.com/learn/work-together-real-time-prezi-meeting Prezi for the iPad:
http://blog.prezi.com/2011/01/10/show-prezis-anywhere-on-the-ipad THANKS!
Questions? Write Insert Frame shapes Path Colors
& Fonts https://sites.google.com/site/nwnhpei2011prezi/ Prezi in the classroom Live or asynchronous
Tutorials (embed video) other
ideas? Test prep/ review
Mind/ concept maps greetings! DESIGN STRATEGY:
Colors & Fonts
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