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Bartosz Leczkowski Portfolio

About me, and my self.

Bartosz Leczkowski

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Bartosz Leczkowski Portfolio

ARCHITECTURE passion curiosity creativity versatillity conscientiousness organized Bartosz Leczkowski education
Technical University Gdańsk
Faculty of Architecture and Urban Design. 2002-2007 2005-2006 2008-2009
Technische Universität Berlin
Socrates-Erasmus Scholarship
Fakultät VI Planen Bauen Umwelt
Stadt- und Regionalplanung
Technical University Gdańsk
Faculty of Management and Economicts.
Project Management - 1 year postgraduate studies Diploma Project ['06-'07] Multifunction city center - Tczew
Integrated transport hub
ODiTK Group
Cycle of project management training to prepare for international IPMA certification. As part of the project "Support for companies in the education of certified project managers." International Project Management Association
Certified Project Management Associate IPMA level D B Architects Lindenhill ['07-'08] Retirement Home. Kolbudy.
English investors.
Cooperation with AB architects.
Concept design.
Application forms.
Web site. www.lipowystok.pl
Promotional materials Schleifer&Milczanowski Architekci s.c. "Four Colors Hotel" Wladyslawowo - Competiton. 1 place. In realization
2008 "Kartuska Offices, Gdansk - In realization
2009 "Garnizon" - Gdansk Wrzeszcz New City Center.Concept design.
2008 - 2009 "Parkowe Wzgorze Housing, Gdansk - In realization
2009 - 2010 experience Housing Interiors Houses software Archicad Artlantis Photoshop Sketchup How can I Help YO ? Drawings Vizualization Web sites Project Management Advertisments
Social media
Public relations T Let's Y ..work together! Thank for your attention. Diploma Project ['06-'07] Multifunction city center - Tczew
Integrated transport hub Stroma 6 ['08] Housing in historic city zone Solaris Housing['09-'11] Housing in suburban area - Realized
Marketing materials
Web site www.osiedlesolaris.pl Hubertus Hill Housing['11] Housing in suburban area - Concept
Marketing materials
Web site www.wzgorzehubertus.pl Helsingborg ['12] Single family house in Helsingborg. Sweden. Twojeeko.pl ['10] Single family passive house close to Gdansk.
Promotional materials
Web site www.twojeeko.pl (http://bartoszleczkowski.wix.com/twojeeko)
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