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Breakfast in the Woods

No description

Nausheen Cheese

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Breakfast in the Woods

Nausheen, Pravieena, Maryam, Naima, Erik, Phill, and Alex. Breakfast in the Woods Products We Will Offer cereal with milk
orange juice
bagels: toasted with butter or cream cheese
hot chocolate
pop tarts Operating the business 7:45 - 8:15 am on school days
not operate on late start days or professional development days. Income Statement Capital Assets Solve your hunger problems Why Will We Succeed? many people do not have time to eat breakfast at home
they can still eat breakfast and be on time
offer a variety of products at a convenience to our customers one teacher for supervision
2-3 students for checking student cards and various other tasks
in room 127 toaster
coffee maker
kettle (hot water)
no need to buy these because they are offered in classrooms Current Assets milk
disposable bowls
butter cups
orange juice
hot chocolate powder
coffee grounds
cream cheese $50-$100 Start-up Costs Promotion Twitter
Word of mouth https://twitter.com/BreakfastWoods General Information $15 a month for a pass
$2.50 a day
Hot chocolate December to February Thank you for listening to our presentation and I hope you visit Breakfast in the Woods to solve your hunger problems!
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