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Copy of Business Presentations

Here are some examples of a few tools you can incorporate into Prezi that are applicable to business presentations (Cost Benefit Analysis, Stakeholder Model, SWOT Analysis, Timeline, and Stock Comparison). Feel free to use this Prezi as a template.

Mian Liu

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Business Presentations

qwerqwerqwer qwerqwerqwer Business Tools 2005 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2002 2001 2003 2006 2009 2010 President of Movie Club
School of Management,
Beijing Normal Univeristy Yoshka,
the first “company” dog, comes to work with the senior vice president of operations, Urs Hoelzle. Entered Beijing Normal Unviersity Beijing Normal Univesity is one of the best universities in China
Majored in Human Resources Management and successfully graudated in June, 2009, with a GPA of 3.6/4.0 Took primary Responsibily of releasing Visa Information Form for over 1000 athletes from more than 60 contries
Maintained the Management Information System for more than 500 participants

Volunteer of General Office,
Junior World Wrestling Championship Improved employee archive format and updated employee information for over 1500 workers in CSCEC, the biggest construction company in China and one of Fortune Global 500 company

Proposed an incentive plan to motivate supervissors in outsourcing companies to aligned with the company's strategy of stressing construction quality, resulting in 40% performance improvement among supervisors

Served as the main facilitator of newly enforced Employment Contract Law, resulting in sucessful adoption of policies by four outsourcing companies HR Assistant, China State Construction Engineering Co. Google AdWords 23 October 2000 Google AdWords launches with 350 customers. The self-service ad program promises online activation with a credit card, keyword targeting and performance feedback Coordinator, The Chinese Society of Education Training Center, Beijing, China 4 March 2003 Made significant connections with students and foreign teachers by planning and implementing fun an educational activities

Completed student health log; addressed and reported all unusal incidents, such as property damages and students requiring medical attention 21 May 2002 Recruited a six member team, collected and analyzed job search data involving more than 200 samples

Published research results in a nation-wide business magazine Awarded "Jingshi Cup" Academic Essay Competition at BNU
No joke: they launched Gmail on April Fool’s Day.
(At the time, you needed an invitation to get an account.) 1 April 2004 Gmail 8 February 2005 Google Maps Google Earth 28 June 2005 Google Maps goes live. They unveil Google Earth: a satellite imagery-based mapping service combining 3D buildings and terrain with mapping capabilities and Google search. They launched Google Calendar, complete with sharing and group features. 13 April 2006 Google Calendar 1 September 2008 Google Chrome browser Word gets out about Google Chrome a bit ahead of schedule when the comic book that introduces the new open source browser is released earlier than planned. The browser officially becomes available for worldwide download a day later. Created a database that incorporates
Labor Contacts Database Developer, The Associate General Contractors of America 26 February 2009 Street View debuts in Google Maps in five U.S. cities: New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver 29 May 2007 Street View for Maps +
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