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Integration Factory

Integration Architecture Conceptual Model

Mrinal Virnave

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Integration Factory

Extract Engine Database Text/ PDF/
XML/ Postscript Website Parser XML

CSV file XSL +
Data Manipulators Source System Transport Format Transformation Consumption Realtime lookup
Batch import DB proc Spider Rules
Repository Extract
Definition Service Components Assets Shell/Batch Scripts running on hospital system

Operators on print output files or delivered data export

Scripts possibley written in Java, PERL or C using tools like Pdf2Txt, XML parsers Web crawling scripts

Screen actuator and scraper scripts (Project Sikuli) Oracle procedures generated from a rules table

MS Sql procedures or VB scripts generated from a rules table <bill>
<name>John Doe</name>
<name>Amex Payment</name>
</bill> System required Single row of data Multiple rows of data
Things like billing items,
messages etc. Requires reverse engineering or Partnerships
in order to get reliable data

Explore current methods provided by system
Accessible data and business rules
Print to PDF or TXT Extract engine will be different for each source
based on their business rules

We provide a factory to create the engine that
implements the rules The transport data format is the standardized output from each engine

It will begin to define a standard for integration as the product matures Required to allow the product, service
and the transport format mature independantly Variety of customers help
build better Rules Customers' varied needs enrich the Extract definition Richer extracts provide an opportunity for
service enhancement Better service
means more customers Regular expressions, SQL statements XSD file, CSV Template Bills, Reminders, Calculators, Service Suggestions Populates Business Rules Table Package Template
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