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No description

Matt Purcell

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Philophobia

A traumatic experience in the past
Fear of
In Greek filos means "be
d" or "loving"
Mental Health professionals use Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) to diagnose mental disorders.
Personal View
Signs and Symptoms
Avoid as far as they can the chance to fall in
or have a relationship
My view is that it's an awful thing to think that people have this fear.
should be what drives people to be all they can be. You should be able to share your
with family, friends and loved ones.
Christian View
I think a Christian psychologist would tell them to find Jesus and try to to find
in God.
Treatment to cure philophobia can be done through counseling, hypnotherapy or psychotherapy with the help of some professionals

By: Matt Purcell
Many people dream of falling in
and wish to be
d in return.
Unfortunately some people think
is something they need to avoid.
The idea of falling in
makes some people extremely nervous and anxious.
This is Philophobia.
Modern interest and ideas about the Phobias began with an article by Westphal, "Die Agoraphobie" in 1871
In Greek phobos means "fear"
Westphal observed that three male patients of his displayed extreme anxiety and feelings of dread when they had to enter certain public areas of the city
The DSM classifies specific phobias as a type of anxiety disorder.
Specific phobia was originally considered a simple phobia, but mental health professionals have paid more attention to specific phobias recently.
Failure in maintaining a relationship may cause you to be afraid to start another
From hearing someone's tragic
This draws people away because they fear the worst possible outcome if they fall in
or form an emotional relationship
Feel uneasy and nervous when they think that they are exposed to
May be sweaty, tremble, nauseous, numb, breathless or even faint if they feel
Generally avoid watching romantic movies or going to certain places where couples get together like weddings
Treatment called cognative-behavior therapy are known as the most popular and effective treatment to cure many kinds of phobias including philophobia
Medication can also be taken but is not suggested because it does not cure the phobia but only suppress it for a short time
It's better to find the source of the problem that's causing the philophobia
The CBT approach would be short term, goal oriented psychotherapy treatments that take a hands on, practical approach to problem solving
Take small steps towards opening up to relationships
Be more open to trying new things
Think about others
My Approach to Diagnosing
I would first find out why they had this fear. Then start with something small like having them watch a romantic movie or listen to a
song. Then try to encourage them to be more open and maybe trying to get closer to people and develop relationships.
If I Had This Disorder
If I had this disorder I would try and seek out help. I would have someone help get me closer to people and try to develop relationships with family or friends first. I would find
1.) What was the article written by Westphal?
2.) What does DSM stand for?
3.) What is the Cognative-Behavioral approach?
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