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lets get some likes and views plz

Top Gamer

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of THE BRAIN

Human body
Meet The Boss
The Limbic System
now hiring
Here is the Cerebral Cortex from the Limbic system.The Cortex is split up into 4 parts called lobes. Here are the different lobes and here are what they do.
This is the system for the brain. Here we will show the different parts and what they do.
Welcome to Human Body Co. Here
we help this human stay alive.
not him! too square!
The Brain controls everything. Everything you do like writing, running or things you don't even notice like your heart pumping, and lungs. Working with the spinal cord the brain has nerves that spread down the spinal cord and out to the rest of the body. That's how you live and move. The brain is found inside the skull. The skull is like a helmet for your brain, it protects your brain so it doesn't get damaged.
Making Cairo and Siva get a A+
The Frontal lobe is used for reasoning,planning, speech, movement, emotions, and problem solving.
The Midbrain
Controls eye movement,
body movement, vision,
and hearing.
The Medulla
Controls breathing
and heart rate.
The Pons
When you hear something, it goes to your brain, in the Pons.
The Cerebellum
Pariclal lobe controls movement, orientation, recognition.
The Cerebellum controls
fine movement coordination,
balance, and muscle tone.
The Thalamus
A lot of important info goes to the thalamus then neurons send it to the cerebral cortex.
Occipital lobe controls visual prossesing.
The Corpus Callosum
The Corpus Callosum communicates with other
parts of the brain, controls eye movement, balance, and tension.
The Temporal lobe controls recognition, memory, and speech.
Systems and Organs
The Systems and Organs the brain works with basically all of them because the the brain controls everything in your body. Here are some examples. We can't show all of the diagrams because it won't let us.
Respiratory system
Excretory system
Nervous system
Muscle and Bones
Small and Large Intstine
Why the brain is important!?!
The brain is important because the brain signals our body to do what we want to do. Without it, we would not be able to do cool stuff like hack, do back flips, swim, and much, much more!
Many commands have requirements such as fine motor skills, speech recognition, and more. Even MORE important, YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BRAIN because nothing is telling your organs to work. So nothing is keeping you alive.
Circulatory system
Cardiovascular system
Thank You For Watching!
By: Cairo and Siva
If there is any questions please ask now
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