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Alcohol - Effects and Impacts

No description

KT Sands

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Alcohol - Effects and Impacts

Alcohol - Effects and Impacts Alcoholics Anonymous Intoxicating!
3 forms - beer wine or spirits.
Different tastes, different looks, but are all made from fermenting sugars or starches. What is Alcohol?? most of you know, alcohol affects teens, young adults, and older
Many teens drink well before the legal age, with most teens first drink is 17
Prone to drinking, as become adults & experiment with adult things, but aren't old enough to be mature about it.
Teenage parties, alcohol present in large amounts, more used than drugs.
Over 88% of kids over 14 have tried alcohol. Who is affected? Effects depend on: Short term effects of Alcohol...
Not good. Effects include: Alcohol's effects:
brain damage
liver damage
reproductive organ problems
heart and blood disorders
family problems
relationship problems
financial problems Long term Effects of Alcohol...
even worse. poor work performance
increased chance of cancer
problems while giving birth
increased blood pressure
increased risk of stroke Long term effects... continued only drink to be socially accepted, everyone else is doing it.
for younger members, peer pressure, at parties where it is expected to drink alcohol Reasons for Drinking... Sociability Each person has their own story.
It could be... Alcohol depresses central nervous system =
brain to feel relaxed
you to believe you are having a good time The dangers of becoming addicted to alcohol are real, and hard to fight.
Addiction is caused by brain releasing the chemicals dopamine and endorphin.
These mean drinker feels happy, relaxed, and to become addicted. Addiction... Sadly, some people drink simply to get drunk. Reasons for this are:
peer pressure

Getting drunk is NOT GOOD.
Throwing up, falling down, acting stupid, getting hurt... Not a Good Look.. To get DRUNK... Impact on Society... Cause harm to family members, workmates and friends.
Alcohol can cause people to become aggressive, which can lead to violent crimes Impact on Friends and Family... Here to Help... AA. recovered alcoholics helping others.
Other resources to help you quit:
Kids helpline - 1800 55 1800 or online
Reach Out - au.reachout.com
Lifeline - 13 11 14 or online
headspace - eheadspace.org.au

OR... talk to someone you trust:
friends' parents
trusted adult JUST SAY NO your size your weight how much you eat how much you have how often you drink gender loss of inhibition becoming relaxed aggression blurred vision vomiting headaches hangovers becoming dangerous while driving cars reduced concentration slurred speech To relax,
or chill out... Involved in up to 70% of all assaults.
Minor crimes , including
offensive behavior
70 teenagers every week are admitted to hospital, due to alcohol related assault.
Also a road safety issue, drunk driver are a risk to themselves, their passengers, pedestrians and rest of community. scared or ashamed of you
separated from you
fight and argue with you
financial situation
grades and schoolwork
future life
social life and reputation
physical health Harmful to... Can cause family members to become...
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