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Harold Edgerton

No description

Ally Henley

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Harold Edgerton

Works Cited
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Stopping Time: The Photographs of Harold Edgerton (book by Estelle Jussim)
Where to find his Work
Bullet through Apple (?)
Bullet Shots
Action Shots

Milk Drop Coronet (1936)
Most Famous Photo
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Born on April 6th, 1903 in Nebraska
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (1925)
Interested in photography because of his uncle
Developed a tube using xenon that could produce high-intensity bursts of light as short as 1/1,000,000 second (stroboscope)
No actual photography training/schooling
Studied at MIT (1926-1931); Got his master and PhD
Was a permanent MIT member (teacher)
Died on January 4th, 1990
Harold "Doc" Edgerton
Ally Henley

Back Dive (1954)
Bobby Jones, Golfing (1938)
Bullet through a Jack (1987)
Animal Shots
Hummingbirds (1938)
Fighting Finches (1936)
Style and Time of Photography
Edgerton's photographic work was mainly focused on high speed photography and capturing things as they're moving. He was known as "the man who made time stand still". His photos are very unique. Edgerton is a very well known scientist, professor, and photographer. Edgerton began his photography around 1937 and photographed all the way until he died in 1990
Fanning the Cards (1940)
Coin Toss (1987)
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