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Copy of Group 3 - Internal Conflict in 'L.O.G.'

Identifying Conflict in 'Life of Galileo' - Make sure you use specific examples from the text and include page numbers.

Harvey Specter

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Group 3 - Internal Conflict in 'L.O.G.'


What Is Inner Conflict?
Psychological struggles arise within characters arising from opposing values or demands.

Moments when an individual must make a descision and it invloves conflicting values is a type of internal conflict seen throughout the play.
Little Monk - Unable to sleep for three days due to the realization of the potential danger to humanity with "wholly unrestricted research".
He was able to ease his mind with the thoughts that eventually "the truth will get through"
Galileo - His Major inner conflict being shown in his regret for the "error" in which he led his "scientific friends". In an attempt to atone for his actions he wrote the "discorsi" so that maybe someone else may learn his teachings and be beneficial somewhere else.
Galileo wants equality between classes, but is happy to be sexist.
By Josh, Jake, Jason, Ryan and Elias
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