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Cooler Master end-user interaction

No description

Paul van der Made

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Cooler Master end-user interaction

Interaction Plan CM
Pilot details
Involve end-user feedback into our organisation
• Know what end-user demands are
• Benelux
• UK
Data mining &
data analysis
• Understand what end-users think of our ideas/new products
• Create an increasing amount of products that are meeting the
demands of end-users
Community manager
& Sales
Community manager
• Create visibility (RT, reply, etc)
• Increase brand awareness
• Answer questions from end-users
• Scan for possible discussions,
problems or questions
• Create subreddits
• Increase brand awareness
• Check competitor subs
• Scan for possible discussions,
problems or questions
• Keep searching for new possibilities to find end-users
Top 3 forums
• Operate as a CM representative
• Check both CM and competitor related topics
• Help people who have issues, if possible. If not,
escalate to RMA department
• Locate people who could function as a CM
• Reply on comments on own channel videos
• Reply on comments of third party reviews
• Search for non sponsored videos of our products
• Reviews of competitor products might be a chance
for our own products -> contact reviewer
• Check local CM page(s) for questions/comments
• Keep an eye out on competitor pages
• Locate people who could function as a CM
• Discover new blogs
• Join in on discussions
• Contact talented bloggers
Increase knowledge and involvement
• All the distilled data should be stored
in a software package which sole
purpose is data mining and analysis
• Every week there should be a
dashboard that shows the issues
categorized for each department:
desktop, gaming and mobile.
• Collect and categorize all incoming issues
• Have a weekly meeting with the Community
Manager to try and match the incoming
issues with the issues collected through the
(new) media channels
• # of posts per dpt per country
• # of topics addressed
• # of leads/new ambassadors
• # of end-users helped
• # of end-users reached with Q&A
• Results of interaction with end-users
• Results of surveys
New Product - research
PM wants to know something concerning a new product idea
PM contacts CM and together they create a small poll
CM briefs the required Marketer + Community Specialist
Community Specialist arranges X amount of feedback
PM contacts Paul and together they create a small poll
CM receives the feedback and creates a report for the PM
Scanning software
Data storage software for data mining and analysis
~3 hours on a daily basis for each regional team
At least 1 community specialist (part time) for each region
Make participation mandatory (through KPIs)
Use offline events for data
Community Manager
Community Specialists
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