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No description

Kenedi Maher

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Chromium!

About the element Chromium
Chemical Symbol - Cr

Atomic Number - 24

Found in Period 4

Group/Family 6: Transition Metals

Chromium is a Metal
History of Chromium

- Chromium was discovered by Louis Nicolas Vauquelin
- Chromium got its name from the Greek word "chroma" meaning color, named for its many colored compounds.
- He discovered Chromium in 1797
Properties and uses of Chromium
State - solid (at room temperature)
Color - steel gray/silvery metallic
Melting Point - 1907°C
Boiling Point - 2671°C
Density - 7.15 grams per cubic centimeter

Its hard, metallic and its compounds are toxic.

Main uses of Chromium:

Chromium is used to harden steel, manufacture stainless steel, and form many useful alloys. Chromium also gives glass an emerald green color.
- Chromium compounds are toxic and should be handled safely.
- Trivalent compounds of Chromium do not cause any serious damage to body tissue, it is an important component of a balanced human diet.
- The toxic action of chromium is confined to the hexavalent compound (Cr VI), which is a highly toxic and may cause death to humans if ingested in large doses.
Safety Concerns of Chromium
Breathing high levels of chromium (VI) can cause irritation to the nose, such as runny nose, nosebleeds, and ulcers. Ingesting large amounts of chromium can cause stomach upsets and ulcers, kidney and liver damage, and even death.
Now that you know about Chromium,
it's time to meet the Chromium Superhero!

Lady Chrome!
Lady Chrome (standing for Chromium)
fights crime using the element Chromium
to her advantage.

She is grey in color representing the silver/metallic color
of the element. To fight crime she usually reacts with the Halogen gas Fluorine creating Fluoride. She then uses Fluoride to poison her enemies.

She also has a pet lion. Not for anything special,
she thinks it makes her look cool:)

Lady Chrome's Strengths and Weaknesses:

- She is strong
- Hard/Tough outside
- Has some toxic compounds
- Solid state meaning it is difficult to fight her

- She melts at 1907 degrees Celsius
- Her suit made of Chromium boils at 2672 degrees Celsius
- She is highly reactive so she could get destroyed with certain elements or chemicals
That's everything you need to know about Chromium and its superhero Lady Chrome! She is a superhero you don't want to mess with.
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