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No description

shelby kaut

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet

Author: Gary Paulsen
By: Megan and Shelby

Setting 2
the setting is also in the "l" river where Brian goes and gets a drink when ever he gets thirsty and when he needs water to cook some food at the end of the book.
Characters and traits
Brian is the main character who has brown hair, brown eyes, skinny, likes to learn, and he is smart.
Character 2
The pilot: The pilot is old, nice, and doesn't worry a lot.
The Mom: The mom has brown hair and she is a liar because she keeps a secret about kissing another man at the mall away from her son and husband.
Rising Action
The rising action was when Brian crashed the plane. then going up a porcupine finds Brian's shelter at night and puts at least eight quills into his leg. Then Brian makes fire.
The climax is when A skunk goes into his shelter and finds turtle eggs that he has been storing. But the skunk sprays Brian and eats the eggs. Then Brian decides to make a new shelter.
Falling Action
The falling action is when
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