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Security Issues

No description

Nial Gorman

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Security Issues

Security Issues anonymous Online Banking Social Media the group anonymous are a group of hackers that like to do things that people say can't be hacked they are mostly victimless crimes that are more to embarass them rather than harm them. But the people that they do hack don't like this very much like fox news when they hack them live and anonymous started broadcasting so many have begun to think that they are just punks looking for fun. but there just exploiting the security issues with the internet. personal security Online banking is the easiest way of managing your money, but it is definitely not the safest. your email do you think that it is safe do you think your computer is safe? well as long as it is connected to the internet it is not because the internet is not safe if someone wanted asses to your computer they can have. but you can make it more difficult because generally hackers are very lazy an they like easy targets so if your smart you can take precautions to avoid getting hack The Risks Identity Theft
Once you have your bank account available online, all of your personal information is at risk of being stolen. All of your personal information associated with your account (including your social security number) is at risk.
Criminals can also send you fake emails asking you to open the link in the email so that they can steal your account credentials and begin stealing your money as well. Over a billion people around the world have Facebook, and if they don't take the proper precautions. They could end up revealing their personal information to others, including their email address, what city they live in, and their school or workplace.

Some features on social network sites allow the user to tell all of their friends on Facebook for example, where they are at the moment. Another thing that tracks where you are and where you have been is your cell phone. Their is an option for GPS tracking in your camera settings. It tracks where you were when you took that certain picture. After you post your pictures on any website, someone can then find out where you took them. Which can help predators fond where you go to school or where you live. Online banking is easily accessible since you can log in to your bank's website in a matter of seconds. Then you can deposit or withdraw money. You can also receive your monthly statements online as well. Plus all of this is done within the comfort of your own home.
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