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My Greatest Ambition

No description

Aditya Mody

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of My Greatest Ambition

By: Aditya Mody My Greatest Ambition My greatest ambition is to be a professional tennis player. I want to play in major tournaments like the current top players in the world. I've been playing since two years and I really like the sport. I am going to tell you about the parts of the tennis racquet, the different shots, the major tournaments and the top players, and other important parts of tennis. The tennis racquet is similar to our body because it has a head and a neck but it is different because the racquet has a grip and a spinner. The head of the racquet is where the strings start from and you hit the ball with the strings. The neck of the racquet is part which connect the bottom of the racquet to the top of the racquet. The grip of the racquet is the part where you grip,or hold, the racquet. The spinner is the very bottom of the racquet and it is used to start off a tournament. Parts of the Racquet There are different shots that can be played in a tennis match. The four shots that are played the most are: forehand, backhand, volley, and slice. The difference between the shots of a right-handed player and a left-handed player is that the shot of a rightie is the opposite of a leftie. The first shot is a forehand. The forehand is always played with your dominant hand and in the shot you basically bring the racquet up, make a circle, and follow through. The next shot is a backhand which is always played on your non-dominant side and with both hands . You do the same action as a forehand. Next comes the volley. The volley is usually used when you are closer to the net. To play a volley you would "punch" the ball. The last shot is the slice. The main use of a slice is to put a spin on the ball which would often confuse or trick your opponent making you win the point. In this shot you would make a slicing action and play the ball back to your opponent The Main Shots There are many tournaments played in the world but the four most popular tournaments or Grand Slams are: Wimbledon,French Open, US Open, and Australian Open. The order they are played in is Australian Open in January, French Open in May or June, Wimbledon in June or July, and US Open in August or September. Out of the four Wimbledon is considered to be the most prestigious Grand Slam Title. The top three players in the world, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, and Roger Federer, have won many Grand Slam Titles. Djokovic has 12,310 points, Murray has 8,670, and Federer has 8,000 but Roger Federer has the most Grand Slam Titles. Top players in the world earn from $1,600,000 to $10 million. My goal is to become the number one player in the world. Major Tournaments and Top Players Professional tennis also includes physical fitness and strength. To be a successful tennis player you would need to have strong legs and arms to run and play shots. You would need to have lots of stamina and endurance to play hours and hours of tennis. You need to be fast or atleast have a decent running speed or else you might not even get to the ball. If I can't become a professional tennis player then I would become a tennis coach.

HAVE A NICE DAY! Other Important Parts Everything About It
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