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Should College Athletes Get Paid

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Bill Harris

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Should College Athletes Get Paid

College Athletes play in million dollar stadiums all through the campus. They shouldnt get paid because of this. They play in stadiums that are as good as the professionals field or court.
Some stadiums are nicer than professional stadiums. College athletes have just as much fans as professional athletes do. Why get paid when you are being watched by billions of people.
Some College athlete's get scholarships to go to their college depending on how good they are. The scholarship pays for everything, so it like they are getting paid.
Some athletes cant go to college because their families are poor. They have to get a lown or a scholarship so their getting paid.
Some athletes deserve to get paid. They play so good, their like a professional athlete. No one can stop them. They could go to the professionals and everyone will think they have been there for a couple of years.
Good athletes can run through tackles and jump over people to make plays. Those are the college athletes that deserve to get paid. Not every athlete gets a scholarship so they pay to play college ball and its not right.
This video is going to show you some people who think athletes showed get paid and some who dont.
Some people dont think college athletes should get paid because they make stupid mistakes in college. A lot of people drink and have parties in college. If an athlete gets paid, he could get a car like this and possible crash from being drunk.
College Athletes could also want to show off. They could race each other or do burn outs and loose control. Their are so many possibilities with a fast car.
Some think they should get paid so the poor families dont have to spend all their money so their kids could have a future. They want their kids to have a good life and not be like them and be poor.
Some people want them to get paid so they could use it for books and schools. Everything you need for school you can get with the money you get paid for playing.
Interview Questions
Interview Questions
1. What is your take on college athletes?
2.How well do you like college sports?
3. Do you think college is important?
4. Why?
5. How well do you know about all the chaos with college athletes getting paid?
6. what do you think about college athletes getting paid
7. Why do you think that?
8. What do you think will happen if college athletes were paid?
9. What do you think they will do if it gets out of control because they are not paid?
10. If college athletes do get paid, do you think they will get out of control and why?
11. What do you think, if they get paid, will happen to college football?
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Bar Graph
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Do You Think College Athletes Should Be Paid
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