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Vocab words

No description

Sydney Tinker

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Vocab words

Vocabulary words
a musical instrument; like a gong.
name of one of the four market days.
if a mother has many miscarriages, but finally has a child she must find the spirit stone called iyi-uwa, and destroy it, in order for her new born child to survive.
murder or manslaughter
oji odu achu-ijiji-o
a cow; specifically the one that uses its tail to drive flies away.
An outcast. Having been dedicated to a god, the osu were not allowed to mix with the freeborn in any way..
The name of one of the titles or ranks. like different social classes in America.
to curse someone out
a musical instrument; a drum made
from pottery
a dye used by women for
drawing patterns on the skin
a family gathering of daughters, for which
the female kinsfolk (relatives) return to their village of origin. it's like a family reunion.

a wide group of kinsmen (relatives) but instead of a gathering of females, like Umuada. Its a gathering with males.
part of betrothal (marriage) ceremony when the
dowry is paid.
please get in groups with
3 or 4 people!!
now were going to play
a game..
one person is chosen to act it out. everyone else is guessing
you have 90 seconds to act out as many words
the actors have to follow the order of words on the sheet of paper given to you.
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