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Project Management

No description

Shaimaa El homossany

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Project Management

Project Management A practical way of doing things Is it possible?!! We want to build the tallest bridge out of balloons Standard steps and processes that
are desired to bring Project Management is... 1- Define the scope Step by Step.. How can we do it?!! An outcome... Then I should think of...
How will I do it?!!! First I should think...
If this is a feasible idea?!! Then I...
DO IT Initiation Definition Execution Then I verify..
What I'm doing Monitor & Control Then Finalize it Close-Out 3- Take the stakeholders' agreement 2- Define the team charter 4- Put the project plan Scope Scope is simply the guideline of what you want to achieve..It is the outcome of the conceptual phase, after thinking if the project is feasible or not?! Now you need to write which approach you would take to achieve the project and what is the outcome expected Which Direction is east?!! Team Charter Team charter is the written agreement between you and the stakeholders of the project It answers the questions of:
- Team Purpose
- Duration and Time Commitment
- Scope (in scope / out of scope)
- Team Members
- Desired End Result
- Reporting Plan
- Deliverables Project Plan It includes:
- Scope
- Schedule
- Budget
- Resource Plan
- Communication Plan
- Quality Control Plan
- Risk Management Plan
- Change Management Plan Schedule The schedule to project management is like the map to the road..

The schedule tells you when each activity should be done and the sequence in which things need to be finished. It's very important to determine whether these activities are done in sequence or in parallel and if the activities could be grouped together into one CPS Critical Path Schedule: is the list of the critical activities in the project whose delay will impact the overall schedule

It also identifies which tasks can be delayed if resource needs to be reallocated to catch up on miss

Where you need to run an accelerated project, it helps you to identify which project steps you should accelerate to complete the project How much does your project cost and how is your estimate doing?!! A cost estimate is done in the beginning of your project and should cover all aspects required to deliver the project scope:
- Materials
- Labor
- Taxes
- Freights and transportation
- Maintenance
- Risk Factor Budget Determination Cost Estimate Cost Controls Cost Estimation is the bridge between Planning and Execution Risk Plan This is the time where you put on your shield and get ready to fight the enemy Change Management To ensure that projects are completed within the allocated time and budget we need to have a protocol for change Change Happens... Change is initiated Approve by Stakeholders Change the project plan accordingly Communicate the change to the project team Categorize it and study its impact.. One final secret about project management that is not found in books Can you draw?!! Can you find the "in common"?!! The secret to successful project management is... Successful people management
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