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persuasive sales pitch

chelsea, bonnie, and kike

Chelsea Novak

on 24 April 2011

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Transcript of persuasive sales pitch

There is potential to create new opportunities and increase business that are not being taken. ujams provides an alternative music source for the non-traditional music lover. iTunes focuses on popular music uJams will create a space for alternative genres. Alternative genres will bring more music enthusiasts to the site and increase song sales. There aren't enough outlets with decent exposure for independent artists. uJams would allow independent artists to upload music for free and have their music heard for free (paying for download). A rating system would be in place to allow top artists to be heard. Other alternative music sources do not have iTunes quality or dependability. uJams would allow itunes to connect it's professional quality to alternative music allowing for a better product for the consumer. Music has become all about making money and has little to do with actual music anymore. uJams can offer lower prices for its music because it is not mainstream. ujams would provide a more diverse group of clientel and increase business. It is apparent that there is an
untapped audience and there are
certain bands not getting exposure, therefore
Apple should think uJams is a credible solution
by investing in the creation of uJams uJams would provide a more diverse group of clientele and increase business. In the 1960's music was exemplified by the hippie counterculture. In more recent years the sound has expressed musical nonconformity while still working within the confines of the mainstream music market.
Most pop artists focus their attention on making brainless, fist-pumping hits. Pop music is looking for the next "Hey Yah," not the next "Give Peace a Chance." As music enthusiasts, we are
knowledgable in the alternative
music lifestyle and in utilizing
us as a tool, we can expand the
range of clientele and buyers MP3 available only through the UK, Japan & Australia San Antonio based artists: LOS NATUATLATOS We refuse to be ordinary in the shameless pursuit of pleasure. CREDIBILITY
Bonnie - Masters of Fine Arts Berkeley
Chelsea- Artist & Music Therapist
Kike - Music Festival Blogger Increase of revenue from a new
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