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Shakespeare's History Timline!

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Marisa Zayat

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Shakespeare's History Timline!

A Timeline about Shakespeare's History! 1564: Shakespeare's birthday... He was born. 1565-1581:
1567(?) Richard Burbage, the greatest tragedian of the age, who would eventually portray Hamlet, Lear Othello and all Shakespeare's great parts born.

1576 Jamews Burbage (fathe of Richard) obtains a 21 year lease and permission to build The Theatre in Shoreditch.

1577 The Curtain, a rival theater near The Theatre, opens in Finbury. 1582: Shakespeare got married... A joy everyday brings people (Everyday is full of surprises). 1583: Birth of daughter Susan. Yay, its a girl... Joy can be very unexpected sometimes. The Queen's Company is formed in London. 1585: Birth of twins, Judith and Hamnet. William had his first boy... And twins, too (there was a girl and boy). 1585(?)-1592: Departure from Stratford Establishment in London as an actor/playwright. Most academics agree that William wrote his first play, Henry V1, Part One around 1589 to 159- when he would have been routghly 25 years old.
Shakespeare and wife had eight children, including daughter Susanna, twins Hamnet, Judith, and Edmund. Susanna received most of the Bard's fortune when he died in 1616, age 52. Hamnet died at age 11, Judith at 77. Susanna dies in 1649, age 66. 1594-1596:
The Lyrical masterpieces.

Prosperity and rcognition as the leading London playwright.

1596 John Shakespeare reapplies successfully for a coat of arms

1596 Hamnet Shakespeare dies at age of... 11. Poor child he had tons of life ahead of him and he never got to see it. Life gives you good and bad things that are VERY unexpected. 1597-1599:
Artistic Maturity.

Purchases New Place, Stratford with other significant investments.

1599 The Globe Theater built on Bankside from the timbers of The Theater. Shakespeare is a shareholder and receives about 10% of the profits.
By: Marisa Zayat!
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