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The Declaration of Independence

No description

Ashley Bartley

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of The Declaration of Independence

The Biggest Breakup in History
Breakup Letters
Look at the letter in front of you.

What is the author's purpose? How does the author accomplish this purpose?
The Declaration
Written in 1776. (duh)

A list of grievances to King George from the colonists. Ends with the colonies declaring themselves independent.
The Declaration can really be seen as one big long argument convincing King George that he treated us poorly and we deserve our freedom. Use your modern translations (and information from other groups) to fill out your chart and identify what elements of argument and rhetorical devices Jefferson uses!
Now, use what we have learned about the Declaration to declare yourself independent of Summerville High School!
The Declaration of Independence
Let's Read
Your copy of the declaration is broken into segments. Follow along as some really cool people read us the Declaration.
Now you!
In your groups, please translate into modern/common language your section of the Declaration.

This will help us understand what each section is about!
Have all of the sections of the real Declaration
Mimic Jefferson's style and tone
Use a DEDUCTIVE argument
Use at least TWO of the rhetorical devices we have learned. Use your notes for reminders of definitions.
What did that say?
Let's have this strange man from Youtube help us understand what it means.
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