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Addiction in "28 Days"

No description

Carolyn Ensminger

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Addiction in "28 Days"

Addiction in "28 Days"
Gwen (Sandra Bullock) is clearly an alcoholic. She drinks excessively all the time, and winds up doing things she wouldn't normally do. She is always under the influence of alcohol. There is a scene that even when she wakes up in the morning, she drinks alcohol. No one in her family trusts her, and she ruined her sister's wedding. One reason for her alcohol addiction may be in her genes. Her mother was an alcoholic as well and died when she was a little girl. Another reason for her problem is because of the people she hangs out with. Her boyfriend is a big influence on her and tries to make her have fun with him through drinking until their really intoxicated and he thinks it's funny. He even tries to bring her alcohol and drugs into the rehab facility. An option for people with addictions is to go to a good rehab facility and to get away from all the people who bring them down.Through the support of many people, and with the support of her sister and everyone at rehab, Gwen was able to overcome her addiction.
Focus Question
The first step to getting help for alcohol abuse is to admit that there is a problem and realizing you need to make a change. Change can mean managing how you cope with stress differently, changing who you spend your time with and what you spend that time doing, and also changing how you look at yourself and your own life. The step after that is surrendering to a higher power and allowing other people to help you with the addiction which happens when Gwen finally allows the rehab therapists and nurses to help her recover. Gwen's reactions to the treatment and withdrawal seem realistic as to how people usually do react. She stops seeing her boyfriend and realizes that she should not be around the people she used to hang around with if she wants to continue to be sober. In the end, she overcomes her addiction.
Discussion Questions
"28 Days"
In the movie, you can clearly see that Sandra Bullock has an addiction to alcohol. While drunk, she ruins her sister's wedding, and crashes a stolen limo into a house. For this reason, she has to go to a rehab place to get her act together. She is extremely resistant to any type of treatment at the rehab. She also won't admit that she has a problem. However, eventually she does realize that she has make a change in her life, and once she realizes that yes, she does have a problem, she is willing to give treatment a try and eventually overcomes her problem by making a lot of changes in her life.
What options does a family have in seeking treatment for their loved one who is struggling with an addiction?
Do you think that rehab is the best option for people with alcohol addiction?
How do you know if someone's substance abuse is a problem and when is it time to get them help?
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