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a Pharmacy Technician

No description

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of a Pharmacy Technician

Cell # 661-444-6785
Email Address: Pepers-NewtonD@uei.edu
Bell Works:
Reading, Crafts, Candy Crush Soda, Charm Mania, Traveling, and my Grandkids
I love my family...
Completed and handed in the first three minutes of class
Drug Terminology, Theory Topics, General Info
If you are late to class, no points
Classroom Rules
Break Down of Points
Terminology Tests & Assignments 26%
Theory Tests 24%
Skills Evaluations 30%
Participation and Attendance 10%
Outside Hours (Homework) 10%
Pharmacy Technician Student
School Life
Let's get started!!!
Who is Mrs. Pepers-Newton
MOD 140: Pharmacology and Compounding
MOD 150 Hospital Pharmacy Procedures
MOD 160 Retail Pharmacy Procedures
MOD 170: Retail Pharmacy Operations
MOD 110: Sterile Preparations
MOD 120: Internal Medicine
Each day you can
80 points if:
you are in class on time and stay for the whole time
you complete all in class assignments
participate in all discussions and lab activities
The Basics
MOD 130 Pharmacy Law
Each MOD is 4 Units
(5 days per unit)
Each Unit you
and points are combined for
your overall grade at the end
of the module
No Cell Phones anytime,
No exceptions!!
Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
California Pharmacy Technician Registration
Member of the NPTA and CPTA
We are a TEAM!
How about you...
Who are you?
Why are you here?
What motivates you?
we succeed
or we fail
Your turn :)
Let's have some fun learning!
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