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Types Of Government

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Erica Winkler

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Types Of Government

Types Of Government
By: Erica Winkler
what is government
Government is the governing body of a nation, state, or community.
What are the types of government?

Democratic Republic
There are 9 basic types of government:
I have chosen 5 out of these 9 choices to research.
democratic republic
Aristocracy is when a small group of people are in control of every thing.They were usually "better" people. For example, Ancient Rome had a form of aristocratic government. Part of their government called the "senate" was an aristocracy. It is believed that this aristocracy started in 509 B.C and ended around 0 B.C. It is hard to find a country that is just an aristocracy, some countries have a mixture of aristocracy and another form.There are no longer any countries that have this government.
democratic Republic
Theocracy is a government that is ruled by a religious person, more specifically a person that has direct communication to the god(s). Theocracy was first started in the first century by Jewish people. Theocracy means to be ruled by gods. One of the most famous theocratic rulers was, Ramses the II. He was thought to be a living god. He ruled from 1279-1213 B.C. During his rule, Many important things happened. For example, he ended 7 decades of war between the Egyptians and the Hitties. Mayans and Incas are a good example of this government too. A famous ruler in Mayan time was Pacal the great. He was a Mayan ruler. Modern Day examples of Theocratic government are, Iran, and Vatican.
Democratic Republic
The picnic
Imagine if these governments were to have a picnic. How would they decide what to bring? Where to go? Who gets first pick on the yummy deserts?
A dictatorship is a government ruled by absolutely one person. Dictatorships are usually extremely unfair to the people because they do not get a say on what is happening. Germany was once a dictatorship. It all started with Adolf Hitler in 1933. He was a VERY bad man. He was in power for 12 years. He was very unfair to any one who wasn't like him. Adolf was the reason World War II started in 1939. He killed many people. Dictatorship in Germany ended in 1945 when Aldof died. Some examples of countries today with a dictatorships are, North Korea, and Cuba.
The picnic
The Picnic
the picnic
The picnic
Democratic Republic
A monarchy is a government that has an absolute ruler. Usually the people have no say in the decisions this ruler makes. Usually a Monarch is a decedent of the last monarch. A monarch is a king or a queen. An example of a country with a Monarchy is England. England's Monarchy started around 400 AD. It is still going today. A leader of a Monarchy is, Queen Elizabeth the II. She started ruling 61 years ago. Examples of modern day countries with this government are, Qatar, Thailand, and Japan.
A Democratic Republic government is one with a Republic and a democracy. It is run by the people for the people. Citizens decide who will be in charge and what the laws will be. They do this by voting. A great example of this government is, of course, The United states. Our government started in 1789 with George Washington. We have gone through a lot of famous leader such as JFK, George Bush, and Barack Obama. We have also gone through a lot of wars. For example the Civil war, World War I and World War II. The united states is considered the country with the most freedom.
At the picnic, there would be one person in charge of what will be eaten, where the picnic will be and will get first pick on what ever they wanted. The leader may also tell what other people will eat, or tell them they will not eat at all. If the leader wants the entire picnic basket, that is what they will get.
At the monarchy picnic, it would be similar to the dictatorship. The leaders would just need approval of other high class people of where to have the picnic, what to eat. Then, they would tell the people what to eat and where they will be going.
For this picnic, everyone would be able to tell what they wanted and then they would vote on all of the ideas. Then, the most voted on ( majority rules), will be what they will eat. The same process will be done with the location and who will get to pick the first food.
This picinic would be decided by a small group of people in the group that were considered the best. They would talk as a group of what to eat where to go and who gets the first pick on the goodies.
The picnic
For this picnic, this leaders would maybe ask the gods what to eat and where to go. That or, the most religious peo
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