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21st Century Learning

Why teaching needs to change

Michael Soskil

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of 21st Century Learning

21st Century Learning Information Prepare Students for Their future We need to change how we teach PLN When are we going to start preparing our student for the 21st Century?

We're already 13 years late. Today's Reality We can't keep ignoring the "real world" because it's convenient for us as educators. Hot Jobs in 2020 from a study funded
by the UK Government:

1. Body part maker
2. Nano-medic
3. Pharmer of genetically engineered crops
4. Old age wellness manager/consultant
5. Memory augmentation surgeon
6. ‘New science’ ethicist
7. Space pilots, tour guides and architects
8. Vertical farmers
9. Climate change reversal specialist
10. Quarantine enforcer
11. Weather modification police
12. Virtual lawyer
13. Avatar manager / devotees / virtual teachers
14. Alternative vehicle developers
15. Narrowcasters
17. Virtual clutter organiser
18. Time broker / Time bank trader
19. Social 'networking' worker
20. Personal branders

Shape of Jobs to Come

For the full report including this 'science and
technology timeline' go to: Fast Future Research www.fastfuture.com

For additional information on emerging developments in science and technology check out:
The Sigma Scan at www.sigmascan.org/Live/
Foresight at www.foresight.gov.uk
TechCast at www.techcast.org/ We used to know what our kids needed to know to be successful. Now, we don't know what jobs we are preparing our students for.

Nobody does. Teaching kids "stuff" is becoming less and less important. When information was
expensive and difficult to obtain, companies wanted workers who knew more than their competitors' workers. Now that information is available instantaniously companies need employees who can think about better ways to use that information to outperform their competitors. http://bigthink.com/ideas/19053 Not Our Past It's now cheap and easy to get It's all so overwhelming. My school can't provide enough Professional Development to
help me teach this way. How will I ever be able to pull this off? It's estimated that by 2020 there will be 123 million high-paying, high skill jobs in the United States. But only 50 million Americans will by qualified to fill them. Wallenpaupack's Mission Statement The Wallenpaupack Area School District's mission is to provide an educational environment that promotes excellence. Students will be able to communicate effectively and apply technology appropriately, thereby developing into lifelong learners who are responsible citizens of the world. http://www.iste.org/STANDARDS
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