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Life Cycle of Butterfly

No description

katelin earle

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Life Cycle of Butterfly

The Four Stages The First Stage:
The Egg The Second Stage:
Larva The Third Stage:
Pupa The Fourth Stage:
Butterfly The Life-Cycle of a Butterfly The Butterfly Life Cycle- An Animation BACK INCORRECT START START QUIZ The Life-Cycle of a Butterfly YOU’VE FINISHED HOORAYYYYY!!!!!!!! NEXT YOU’VE JUST WON A LOLLIPOP! CORRECT!!!! Metamorphosis Crystallization Cremaster Holometabolism The complete transformation process of the butterfly cycle is called the: Question Four: Find a friend Eat leaves & grow Sleep and mate Play and sleep What does the caterpillar need to do after it has hatched out of the egg, in order to form a Pupa? Question Two: Cocoon Chrysalis Butterfly Flower What is the other term for the word ‘Pupa’ ? Question One: Chrysalis Cocooning Metamorphosis Crystallization The transformation process between stages 3 and 4 is called the: Question Three: -Butterfly will emerge when the caterpillar has completed forming

-Soft and folded wings when first emerging from chrysalis

-After resting, blood is pumped into wings to ensure that they function

-3/4 hours, will master flying and in search for mate to reproduce

-Subsequently female lays their eggs on some leaves & life cycle starts over •Male and female reproduce

•Female lays her eggs on a host plant

•Round Egg & has hard outer layer of shell

•Female butterfly lays up to 100 eggs

•Duration: 2-3 weeks

•Caterpillar will then hatch from it's egg Image References Enchanted Learning (2010) Butterfly Glossary. Retrieved on 11th April 2013 from http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subjects/butterfly/glossary/indexc.shtml

FreeGreatPicture.com (2011) Butterfly and Flower Picture. Retrived 30 march 2013 from: http://www.freegreatpicture.com/animal-collection/butterfly-and-flower-pictures-19250

Middletown Public School (2012) Comparing two life cycles, Butterfly life cycle. Retrived 11th April 2013 from: http://www.middletownschools.org/page.cfm?p=7860

Pre-K8 (2013) Butterfly Life Cycle Diagram. Retrived 11th April 2013 from:http://prek-8.com/kidslearning/kidslearning_butterflyCycle.php Power-Point Game GAME.pptx The Four Stages
•The larval stage of the cycle will last from between 2 to 4 weeks

•During this stage the caterpillar will continuously eat and grow

•As the caterpillar continues to grow, it will shed its outer layers of skin (or molt)

•The caterpillar will do this approximately 4 times during its period of growth

•The caterpillar will eventually find a sheltered spot to attach itself and start to begin the next stage in the cycle •Lasts from a few weeks, a month, or even longer

•Complete reassembly of cells that were present in the larva takes place; these turn into the legs, wings, eyes and other parts of butterfly

•Layers of skin gradually shred away to form pupa

•Pupa resembles part of plant they are on and serves as a camouflage

•The cremaster ( attached to surface of leaf)is where the butterfly hangs from until strong enough to fly

•The reassembling of those cells results into the formation of a butterfly
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