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Design Thinking in Project Management

The problems in Project Management, why the problems, how we might address it through Design Thinking.

Dibyendu De

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Design Thinking in Project Management

Life is a series of Projects -- moving from one to the other It sucks!! Prepare Excuses Create Insurances Deny Responsibilities Cover the ass So, Ship or Build Anything Anyway to avoid failure -- sure way Trouble -- one after the other Why is that? Because we want to deal with Uncertainty with Powerful Logical Thinking & Logical Thinking does not work! What is the limitation? Plans, Charts, Software, Contracts..... Everything is uncertain Predictions fail We want to know & Predict thru Theory all Theory contains models a simplified view of the world around us So it doesn't work in complex and bizarre situations -- we simply can't predict Why? Just too many variables & changing situations Content & conditions change every minute
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