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Pinball's History

No description

Escher Lefkoff

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Pinball's History

Pinball's History
Then, a man named Roger Sharpe said that pinball was skill, not luck because of flippers. He went to court and showed why. People lifted the ban when he made the shots he called out.
The Start Of Pinball
Pinball at the beginning was just a plunger (A device to launch the ball) and luck to get the balls in holes and stuff like that.
Slowly Advancing
People were getting board of of the game so the creators needed to make more things to make the game more fun. They found good ways!
Pinball was banned because a man neamed named Fiorello La Guardia thought tht these games were all luck. If the flippers were not invented, this would be true, but it wasn't.

What pinball is today
Pinball is advancing to better technology and ideas like ramps, a shot that would go up and go around the play field. The DOT Matrices was invented which was a better place to show the score; and they could put animations on the screen
Competitive Pinball
Most people see pinball as a game, i see it as compilation as well. PAPA (professional and amateur pinball association) is big for competitive pinball. They host HUGE tournaments everywhere
Why Pinball is Skill
Flippers have the ability to shoot the ball places. And, you need to make decisions during the game. All games have rules and you have to know the rules to do good. That is why it is skill.
PAPA is right now the biggest pinball tournament association, and there are "Points" that you can earn at tournaments that are scattered everywhere around.
This is a professional player, Lyman Sheats vs. Kieth E, both very good Players.
What Pinball Looks Like
More Pictures
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