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A Day in the Life of an iPad @ MMS

No description

Milton Middle

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of A Day in the Life of an iPad @ MMS

A Day in the Life of an iPad @ How it started... Questions...
Comments... Milton Middle School went 1:1 with the entire 7th grade class (250 students) at the start of the 2011-12 school year. Each 7th grader was assigned an iPad they were responsible for charging and bringing to class each day. Students were allowed to bring their iPads home after school and download any appropriate materials.

This school year, 12-13, both the 7th and 8th grade classes were issued iPads. With the experience gained from our first year being 1:1, many improvements were made to our roll-out process, as well as day-to-day procedures, classroom management, and curriculum enhancement. -Cases and Chargers Getting Ready What we're doing Pass out iPads and chargers to students (will take home to charge but will return at end of year). iPads prepared with Otterbox and name/serial number labels on both iPad and outer case. Contact Us: Roll Out Tim Schigur - schigurt@milton.k12.wi.us

Shelly Kress - kresss@milton.k12.wi.us

Jessica Worcester - worcesterj@milton.k12.wi.us www.tinyurl.com/
mmsipad Check our our website: -MMS staff held an info session for families regarding the iPads during Open House. This session discussed how students will be using the iPads at school and how to maintain the iPad and use Wi-Fi at home. Other questions that the families had were also addressed. School Climate - iTunes Account Set-up
- iPad Physical Features
- Digital Citizenship
- Classroom Expectations
- Google Apps for Education
- eBackpack After passing out the iPads, dealing with account info, and allowing students to sign in, we covered these topics: FAMILY SUPPORT: -Issues regarding the iPads are dealt with in the same way as any other behavioral situations. Much time is spent educating the students and staff about behavior expectations, and consequences are made clear. Few major incidents have occurred. EXPECTATIONS: All academic teaching staff helped to implement a portion of the roll-out, each covering a single topic in his/her class. MAINTENANCE: -Students are expected to take care of their iPads by keeping the covers on at all times, charging overnight, and keeping the apps updated. If breakage occurs, students are to report them immediately, and the consequences will be assessed. Very few issues have been reported and students are very diligent about keeping their iPads charged and ready to go. -Collaboration Time -Play Time for Staff and Students -Acceptable Usage Agreement -Tech and Development Support

- We use the iPads to interact with the curriculum in creative and innovative ways.

- We use the iPads to connect and collaborate with our local and global communities.

- We use the iPads to virtually organize our documents and communicate and collaborate as a staff and student body to enhance our time on task. Goals Employ the most current technology to support our
teaching of 21st Century Skills to prepare our students. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Communication: Organization & Paperless-ness: Join our live chat at:
todaysmeet.com/slatemmsipad https://docs.google.com/a/milton.k12.wi.us/document/d/1aXe7nmXVu1b-sHy0S8fWiLdWulxlMx30Lh38f_cs8B8/edit
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