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My Obsession

No description

Sumitro Datta

on 27 March 2011

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Transcript of My Obsession

My Obsession Is Sports! Ever had a friend who was crazy about one sports team? The one who could spout tens of thousands of facts about the history, the players, the coaches? Heck, maybe even the mascots! Well then, you haven't met me. Definition:A sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play. A winner can be defined by objective means. It is governed by a set of rules. My initials are SD, which may stand for “Sports Database.” I am so obsessed I can go on and on, watching sports on TV, or on the computer, looking for sports statistics! When it comes to sports, I have no partiality! I watch and learn about “American Football” and “Tennis” with the same enthusiasm with which I watch and learn about when it comes to lesser known/liked/ watched sports such as “Darts” or “Cricket.” I'm not just crazy about one team or one sport. I can start a conversation about any team in most sports, and at least about 1 team in others. By the way, do you know Canada is participating in the “Cricket World Cup 2011”, being played across the globe in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh? The Canadian team has some bright spots for future World Cups, but it won’t be advancing to the quarter-finals with its lowly 1-4 record. My background is Indian, and cricket is very beloved in India. Offices may give holidays if India is playing a home cricket match. When I came to Canada, I found numerous similarities with the North American sport “Baseball”.
Here are some that I found:
Home run= Six runs
Catcher = Wicket-keeper
Pitcher = Bowler
One of the greatest modern day cricketers is Indian, Sachin Tendulkar. If there is a Hall of Fame for Cricket, his entry there is cast in stone. He has been playing cricket for almost 21 years now, and considered by critics and experts as one of the very best to have played the game of cricket ever. His stature is almost like “God” in India. He is a “batsman” though. When it comes to “bowling”, aka “pitching” in baseball, Shane Warne, an Australian, is considered to be the greatest when it comes to the art of “leg spin” bowling. The ball which he bowled to Mike Gatting of England is called the “Ball Of The Century.” Every time I watch the video, I am just amazed! Here is the video of the Gatting Ball. As you can see, I can go on and on! Every good thing must come to an end and so ends this Prezi! Sports is my passion, my favorite pastime. I am attracted to sports statistics like a duck is to water. I am considering making a “career” out of it… maybe I have to wait a little bit more for the details to work out. My obsession (Sports) makes me feel light-hearted. Even if I’ve had a bad day, sports news of any kind will cheer me up. I have inherited a love of sports from my father. He and I can talk about sports for hours. Whether my obsession adversely or positively impacts my acceptance by peers depends on the type of people I'm around. Most of my friends don’t really talk about sports the way I do. The makes me “the sports geek” among my small square of friends. Even if I can find people who can understand my level of sports intelligence, they cannot answer at as high as a level as me. I would say I am positively impacted because of the level of information I possess about sports. For example, I can participate in any sports discussion among any level of people, even adults. That gives me a share of belonging and confidence, which helps me positively in other spheres of life. My Obsession (Sports) does not adversely affect my other elements of life. In fact, my obsession does have a positive impact on the other elements of my life. In its absence, I would probably do worse academically. Other people think that they would do better academically. Not me. I am content every morning looking at my Fantasy Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Golf, NCAA Men’s Tournament Bracket and NCAA Tournament Second Chance Pick’em teams just to see how they did the night before. If you took that away and kept me from hearing/feeling/watching/tasting/smelling sports news, I’d probably be wringing my hands in frustration. I would not be able to focus on schoolwork or homework, let alone finish it. I’d lost like a puppy without its mother. Like a child in a busy shopping mall. Like a… you get the point. If my obsession is taken away, well, I don’t know how I would spend my free time! That’s how I am “obsessed” with my “obsession”!
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