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Gregor the Overlander

No description

Ciara Murray

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Gregor the Overlander

Gregor The Overlander By Ciara Murray Characters Cycle 1-5 Problem Setting Main Characters Main Characters Minor Characters Mentioned Characters Nerissa: Luxa's bossy cousin.
Solovet: Vikus' wife and Luxa, Henry, and Nerissa's grandmother.
grandma : Gregor, Boots, and Lizzie's grandma.
Perdita: A Regalian soldier.
Dulcet: A Regalian servant.
Gregor's Father.
Grace: Gregor, Boots, and Lizzie's mother.
Mrs.Cormaci: A family friend.
King Gorger: King of the rats.
Queen Wevox: Queen of spinners.
Gox and Treflex: Spinners.
Lizzie: Gregor and Boots' sister.
Mareth: A Regalian solider. Bartholomew of Sandwich: Founder of Regalia.
Luxa's parents.
Henry and Nerissa's parents.
Ripred's mate and pups. The setting of this book was in The Under Land.

The Under Land is a mysterious place of darkness, filled with misery and wonder. Nobody knows how they got there, so year by year, the people from the over land try to escape, but fail miserably. The problem is Gregor and his little sister Boots are trapped in the Under Land and are trying to escape but cannot until Gregor fulfills the Prophecy. Cycle 2 In cycle 2 Gregor discovers that his dad is in the under land and go to the court room to discuss the journey they are about to go on, to find Gregor's dad before the rats take over the under land, and kill everyone and everything that gets in their way of ruining their plans. Gregor, Boots, Vikus, Luxa, etc.. must start their journey to find Gregor and Boots' dad, the rats have already killed several people back at the human castle so they must hurry and find him but first he must gather everybody to join him to full fill the prophecy of gray. Cycle 4 In this cycle Gregor it very very worried about
his little sister Boots who is sick with a extremely
bad fever, Greogr takes a break from holding her and give Boots to Temp, after a while of walking a pack of rats sneak up on the group of people and attack, Gregor starts to run but realizes that Temp still has Boots, the rats are catching up thankfully Tick sacrifices her life to save Boots. Once the rats get onto the bridge it breaks and the rats get eaten by hungry Piranhas. Cycle 5 Gregor finds whats left of his dad. His thoughts are "Oh my gosh he's so pale thin and weak we have to get him healthy I can't afford to loose him again." Luxa gives Gregor's dad a little medicine that she had given Boots before. A little later Gregor's dad is feeling much better and now remembers who Gregor and Boots are. Gregor Gregor: The main character/ the over lander warrior.
Luxa: Soon to be Queen of Regalia. Grandaughter of Vikus and Solovet.
Ripred: A trustworthy gnawer.
Ares: A flier/Henry's bond.
Vikus: Luxa, Henry, and Nerissa's grand father. Solovet's husband.
Aurora: A flier/Luxa's bond.
Boots: Gregor's 2 year old sister.
Temp and Tick: Crawlers. Author of this book Suzanne Collins Summary This book is about an 11 year old boy who is home one day with his little sister Boots while the rest of the kids are at camp, Gregor and Boots go to the laundry room one day and fall into this underground realm, the two are met by giant cockroaches named Temp ans Tick, who take them to a human castle, Vikus decides that Gregor is truly the warrior spoken of in a prophecy. Cycle 1 In cycle 1 Gregor and his little sister Boots fall into an underground realm, and are met by two giant talking cockroaches who lead the two, to a human castle, where Gregor and Boots are taken care of but can not escape. Cycle 3 Luxa Boots Cycle 4 Gregor is an 11 year old boy.
He has brown hair, brown eyes, is very mature for his age, responsible,
caring for Boots. Luxa is the soon
to be queen of
Regalia. She is very
snobby and only
rude to people who
aren't in the royal family . Boots is Gregor's 2 year old sister her real name is Margret. She has blonde curly short hair. Boots is a ball of energy she loves to play no matter what, she is very sensitive at times it's only when she wants something.
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