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Foundation Portfolio Evaluation

No description

Anum Abid

on 14 July 2014

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Transcript of Foundation Portfolio Evaluation

Foundation Portfolio Evaluation
The Hostage

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
By Sana Hasan
In out film opening we were debating whether to have action or crime Genre , thus decided on Crime .We researched many films as well.The following are what we had a look at :
Our movie opening matches a typical crime Genre film which includes kidnapping.Our main aim for the opening was to create suspense of 'What will happen next?' . In the case of our film we used the codes and conventions of real media products and through development took inspiration from some of them.We were inspired by lots of media products throughout pre-production, production and post-production.
Our film looks like a stereotypical crime thriller which includes kidnapping.We tried to keep them in suspense through Non-digetic sounds showing equilibrium and dis-equilibrium and then finally New equilibrium, we took the sounds from youtube and royalty free sites.
We researched the movie's opening credits . Panic room had 3D bold letters which float around the area of new york. Taken had thin white subtitles which were on a montage of his memories of his daughter and some after he woke up in his room. The titles were not fancy but simple , and in white colour.
From the use of our generic conventions the audience should be able to tell what sub-genre it is.The audience can recognize some conventions in some real media products like Inception where music built up in sound levels to create suspense.So in our product we did the same and changed sound levels .
We used many angles and shots which are used in Taken 2. The close-up shots on the phone conversations. Then the establishing shots of the areas .The match on action in the action scenes.The trucking when they show the Graveyard scene and our beginning of the movie opening.

The location of our crime thriller was outside since we needed the kidnapping scene, same with most crime films as they most action scene like gun fights etc they are filmed outside .
We have the main things in our crime thriller which most have . A protagonist , a victim and a villain like in Propp's theory . The enemy wore clothing to hide his identity . The protagonist wore a black jacket and pants, normal everyday clothes and the victim since he was a child did the same.
The audience can recognize this as a crime film through the crime music which we got through youtube and royalty free sites from some soundtracks. The weapon the kidnapper was holding. The car at fast pace , most crime films have car chases . Most crime tv series have kidnapping scence as well.
Most crime films are shot in a dark weather or at night signifying ' something is about to happen ' . We shot ours on a rainy day ,thus challenged the convention.
2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
4. Who would be the audience for your media product?
We challenged our crime thriller by using the victim as a male child since usually its female .
Men are the dominant gender in our film as crime is mostly associated with them . They use most of these props like guns and fast cars, which puts them in a position of power and are considered on a higher level .
Age is also represented in our thriller where the child is shown wearing a hoodie and casual jeans while the father is more mature and is shown wearing dress pants and jacket . Also the father has a more superior aura than the child.He is also holding the child's hand in a protective manner to show the strength of his .
Middle-upper class is shown by the shots of panning and tracking in . The normal clothes they wore like jeans and hoodie and the dress pants and jacket , with this the audience can relate to .
Since our crime thriller is a low budget film we will have to use mostly social networking sites such as youtube , twitter, tumblr ,vimeo ,facebook, blogger etc . This will cause easy access and spread of our movie , thus gaining popularity. People all over the world can see our movie and not in any one particular area .
We can also send our film in the young filmmaking festivals online , and to young filmmakers groups . So people can know about and film and try to look for it .And to expand our reach as well.
We can send the film in our inter school competitions or the competitions in other schools which are held yearly as well. We can have a viewing of our school's media products open to the whole school.
I personally think this thriller would be able for all ages as it depends on each individual choice . It would basically be for people who enjoy crime films. Later we decided our target audience would be male from age 12-30 since it will be more easy for us to handle with the conventions , they are the largest demographic who watch crime thrillers thus makes sense to choose the largest market . Our film opening will have to include an exciting story line , appealing to both genders, and an audience left with an enigma feeling .
Our audience would be people who would relate to our thriller as well , if something of that situation happened to them . But most of the audience will be those who would love the thrill of the chases/fights and the surprising story lines as well.
5. How did you attract/address your audience?

We attracted the audience By the different sound scores and sound levels we used to show equilibrium and dis -equilibrium , the characters personalities and to build up suspense too , and the sound effects as well.
Attracted the audience wit the clothes they wore . the child wore casual clothes a hoodie and jeans.
The father wore dress pants and jacket , relateable to office workers .
The kidnapper wore dark dull clothes .
By the fast pace editing we build up the tempo thus attracting the audience . We used fast forward in editing to increase the speed of the car to get the excitement going . The film had a very generic crime thriller genre which the audience likes, to be thrilled and to watch the exciting scenes.
We used Barthes enigma code to set up a cliffhanger of 'what will happen next ?' .
Since we have a low budget film we do not have the money for trailers and posters to attract the audience . So we only have word of mouth and the aspects of our film .
6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
In our pre-production since our youtube was blocked due to some religious/political reasons we used proxies like q22w.co or 12345proxy.com , but mostly we used hotspot shield . We used channel1.com and megashare.info for researching and watching movies . Google was mostly handy for research as well as it gave information in detail .
During production we used DSLR cameras , tripods and our phones to record voices since we do not have any professional recording technologies .
In Post-production we used vidtomps.com to convert youtube videos into soundtracks and used it in our opening . We were taught how to use adobe premier but in my opinion it had a lot of errors so we used Sony Vegas pro 12 , this software was much better to use . We used adobe photoshop to edit pictures . From cooltext.com we got our desired title font . We posted our updates on tumblr .
7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
Till now from our preliminary task we learnt about lighting . How to handle it more properly , but due to lack of proper equipment we needed to find some home made ways.
Till now we have learnt how to operate our editing software, Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 in a much more complex manner and how special effects and different effects can change the look of a video/film.
We used the enigma code (Barthes) as well , to intrigue the audience by hiding the criminal's identity.
We challenged the credits convention, since it would usually contain an up beat sound track while we used a slower paced song with the montage.
The criminals are represented here as well. how they dess up and how they live , and why they choose these criminal ways. It shows that after suffering , they have no way but this. Every criminal has a back story which makes them into who they are now.
Distribution companies are very important within in the filming industry. Big conglomerate companies such as Hollywood invest in smaller companies to allow them to vertically integrate into different areas of the media industry which retains the profit they make within their company. The role of distributors is to print and advertise a up-coming films in theaters which nowadays is a lot faster and cheaper as it is done digitally instead of previously doing it with analogue technology.
Bigger production companies (conglomerates/majors) are a helping platform to smaller film companies i.e. independent film companies because it gives additional budgeting, distribution etc. Our film's genre is a thriller which has been influence by film's such as 'Trade' (2007) where the storyline follows a female victim, captured by a business held in Mexico City trying to be found by her brother and 'The Last House on the Left' (2009) which again follows a story of a young adult who gets involved in a kidnapping and trying to find her way home. Both these film's however are American based with American producer's working alongside it.
Due to low budgeting we would be distributed by an Independent film company this is because our film wouldn't include special effects or high quality props and technology as the storyline is accessible with a low budget. Although most horror/thriller film's are distributed by conglomerate film companies because the genre appears to the masses we would, however, have funding from the UK Film Council as well as being distributed by an Independent company.
Warp X are an independent film company who produce film's following the genre of social realism. Warp X are distributed to a niche audience as budgeting is very low therefore they are unable to get the accessibility to distribute to a tent pole audience. Warp X are funded by several different companies, these are a few examples;
> EM Film Funding
> Optimum Releasing
> Film4
> UK Film Council

This is where Warp X received their funding from, this is because it is such a small, independent company that they struggle to survive in the industry with the amount of money they have themselves. Small companies such as Warp X also rely on pre-sale to try and get extra funding. This is where they present a pitch to various other film companies and if it's a success and would seem to do well in making a profit, companies would be interest to invest in some money.
Our audience will mostly be male because of the crime and car chases, but might attract females as well due to the actors.
How to do a better match on action, how to hold the camera properly so there is no shaky camera .We have learnt to properly hold the camera and the usage of the tripod as well. We have also leanrt the different camera settings in different types of lighting and locations.
How to plan a video and go on about and and do it . We have learnt how to plan our film opening in detail , every time we decide to make a video , we can properly plan it and leave no room for mistakes.
We have also learnt about prezi, which is new to us. How to make presentations more visual and presentable and not very boring.
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