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How has Earths conditions support life to survive?

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Kolyan Roath

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of How has Earths conditions support life to survive?

At the moment,life on Earth is the only known life in the universe, but there are compelling arguments to suggest we are not alone.
If the count of planets in our solar system in not unusual, then there are more planets in the universe than the sum of all sounds and words ever uttered by every human who has ever lived.
Indeed, most astrophysicists accept a high probability of there being life elsewhere in the universe.
Today we ask the question: "Are we alone?"
The search for life in the universe
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How has Earths conditions support life to survive?

The search for life in the Universe
A star is a Big Ball of gas
The Earths Form
The First Life on Earth

The earth has many different climate
Weather is set of physical conditions of the lower atmosphere such as temperature, wind speed, and cloud cover.
Climate is and area's general pattern of impressive conditions periods of at least three decades and up to thousands of years.
the greenhouse effect
The sun traps the warmth and emits it to the planets lower atmosphere and the radiation that got caught onto the atmosphere creeps down onto the planet.
Some solar radiation is reflected by Earth and the atmosphere, solar radiation passes through by the earth and the atmosphere.
Most radiation is absorbed by the Earth's surface and warms it.
Why is earth referred to as a “fragile miracle”?
Because these five important conditions exist in such a perfectly balanced combination that seems unlikely that the same combination that could not be anywhere else.
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