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Evaluation Analysis

Seth Burgman

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Jayna

Habituation Volition Deep feelings of uncertainty regarding purpose in her life.
Lives in the past and repeats cycles of hospitalizations, alcohol abuse, and failed attempts at productive activities since the age of 16. She has displayed much interest in sexual engagement with men frequently due to a deep desire to be in a meaningful relationship. No well defined goals for the future except for finishing day program. Performance Environment Jayna lives at home with her mother and her mothers boyfriend Tom. There seems to have been a lack of structure in her environment since her father left when she was 12. Jayna dosn't speak to Tom and gets a lack of support from her Mother who spends most of her time gambling at the local dog track. Jayna does not drive but is able to get around the community using the bus. using MOHO Occupational Status Jayna has developed issues engaging in healthy roles throughout her life. She has assumed the role of being a pt. due to not wanting to deal with "real" life situations. The great emotional pain Jayna possesses,undoubtedly has manifested itself in her inability to construct a healthy balance in roles. This allows Jayna to spend most of her time in the hospital receiving the attention form staff members. There are possibilities of Jayna assuming the role of student or employee since she has displayed interest in these areas in the past. Jayna has shown some qualities in routine tasks such as caring for her duties at home. These include preparing her meals, cleaning her room, and doing her laundry regularly. Jayna appears to have no motor,visual, hearing, sensory, or perceptual deficits. Further, it appears she has deficits in interpersonal skills and cooperating with others. Other performance problems include cognitive deficits in attention span as well as staying focused. Jayna displays great ability's in manipulating others for personal gains. Outcome Pt. will be able to productively work in a professional manner
within community by finding job that that interests her. Enrolling entry level college courses. Engage in positive communication involving her mother and her mothers boyfriend Tom. Attend 12 step meetings and other groups for people suffering with personality disorders in order to connect in positive social circles. Problem List Emotional Instability
Family Issues
Low Self-Esteem
Suicidal Gestures
Provocative Dressing
Attention Span
Holding a Job
Unhealthy Sexual Relationships
Attention Span Strengths I in all ADL's
I in Community Mobility
Prepares Own Meals
Cleans her room
Washes Laundry
Continues to see her Psychologist
Neatly Groomed
Willing to Engage in Communication
Seth Burgman OTA/S Social Skills Training
Online Support Group (BPD central)
Self Actualization Techniques
Sensory Stimulation
Exploration of Educational Avenues
Increase Self-Esteem
Pre-vocational Program
Structured Daily Routine
Organize Job Fair
12 Step Program TX Ideas Use Body To Influence Mind
Learn Sensory Strategies to Influence Self -Control
Techniques Used For People In Crisis
Methods Sensory-Based Treatment
"The Missing Piece in DBT" Self Acceptance Starts at Self Awareness by Seth Burgman
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