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migration und film


klaus rieser

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of migration und film

migration und film
1) Icons, Myths, Concepts
Anglo-Conformism: A + B + C = A
Assimilationism: A + B + C = D
Pluralism: A + B + C = A + B + C
Passive concepts
No distinction between individual and group processes
Linear, onedimensional concept of acculturation (and static concept of culture)
Carla Bianco und Emanuela Angiuli: The weakest aspect . . . is the very concept of culture which supports the ethnicistic ideologies. It seems to hypothesize the possibility of manoeuvring culture . . . independent from its contexts.
[T]he possibility is lost of appreciating the most important thing: the fact that . . . it was still possible for them, - or rather necessary - to elaborate valid cultures, suitable for the protection and continuation of their life. (20/21)
2) Representation
Migration Film: The Macro-Text

Migration // Acculturation
Travel // Transformation

Strategies: Assimilationis/pluralist/pragmatic

6 possible results: Success (ass/plur/pragm); Failure; Both Success AND Failure; 0-Change;

Signs: () = optional elements; OWR = Old World Reality; NWD = New World Dream; NWR = New World Reality; OWC = Old World Culture; EAC = Ethnic American Culture; OWD = Old World Dream
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