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kade wohlleb

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Mississippi

By: Kade Wohlleb Mockingbird Mississippi's neighboring states are Louisiana, Alabama , Arkansas,and Tennessee. Mississippi's state slogan is " The Magnolia State. Mississippi has lots of animals such as river otters and deer. Mississippi State Flag Mississippi state flower magnolia tree Mississippi state tree magnolia Mississippi's state capital is Jackson Mississippi State Bird The state gemstone is petrified wood. Jimmy Buffet is a famous songwriter from Mississippi. He was born December 25,1946 in Pascagoula,Mississippi. He was famous for songwriting and singing. He was also an actor and author. Mississippi was his home state. Mississippi became a state on December 10, 1817.It was the twentieth state into statehood. This is a map of Mississippi's main cities and waterways. Some plants that grow in Mississippi are clematises and anthurium flamingo flowers. Clematis Anthurium flamingo flower Mississippi State University is... TIMBER!!!!!! Some of Mississippi's natural resources are timber, petroleum,and oil. oil IS MISSISSIPPI AWESOME
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