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Prayer and Spirituality Presentation

No description

Kevin Rucker

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Prayer and Spirituality Presentation

Rumspringa Amish History & Lifestyle All aspects of the religion are based on a set of rules known as Ordnung.
The Ordnung is oral tradition
Dictates all parts of an Amish person's lifestyle

such as...
what clothes to wear, what to eat, hair length, farming techniques, other aspects of life. varies from community to community DEFINITION-----> a release from strict tradition for young people.
- begins around the age of sixteen.
- excused of these traditions
- many teenagers stay at their parents' houses during this time, but many others leave to go out into the world and experience a new life.
- Rumspringa literally means in Pennslyvania German "running around"
The Decision
- Amish people have a decision to make once they return
home from their "running around" journey.

Staying Home Leaving Will be accepted back
into society and be able
to live the rest of their
life with their families. Will not be accepted back into their community.
Their parents will shun them and never
speak to them again.
Some teenagers take more than the standard two years to return back
within their communities. Only a few Amish teenagers never come back to their home and community.
-These individuals may marry an English spouse or live independently. Living "English" refers to when
teenagers drive cars, go to
nightclubs, and experiment with
sex and drugs.
The Amish community views
the American way of life like
the one stated above
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