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How did the U.s. contain communism?

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Abby Plein

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of How did the U.s. contain communism?

South Korea
North and South Korea were at war. The North was supported by the communist South Korea, and the South was supported by the U.S. On June 25, 1950 South Korea was attacked by North Korea without warning (Doc C). North Korea is communist and controlled by Stalin, who wanted to spread communism and gain total control. America did not was South Korea to become communist too, so America sent in troops to help fight against Stalin and North Korea. This helped contain communism because without the help in the U.S. military, South Korea would have been taken over and become become communist
On January of 1959 Fidel Castro takes over Cuba and turns it into a communist country. America is threatened because the soviet Union is bringing weapons, such as bombs, to Cuba over seas. This is threatening to the U.S. because Cuba is very close to the U.S. To put a halt to this, America announces a quarantine on October 23, 1962 to keeps ships from coming to Cuba that are carrying weapons (Doc D). All ships stop and remove missiles to avoid crisis. This is a demonstration of U.S.' action of containment because U.S. keeps the communist Soviet Union out of Cuba and communism did not spread anywhere.

U.S.' main goal was to contain communism. In document A George Kennan, a U.S. spy, make two points that Stalin communist and that communism will soon spread to the whole world. he believes that the key to the success of containment is to be patient and not to go to war. In Berlin, the U.S. contains communism by establishing an airlift of necessities to Berlin when the communist Soviet Union put up a blockade almost forcing Berlin to fall to communism for help (document B). In South Korea the U.S. helps contain communism by sending military to help fight against communist North Korea (document c). Lastly in Cuba, when the communist Soviet Union tries to come to Cuba with missiles, the U.S. establishes a quarantine to stop the Soviet union from coming (document D). Overall the United States was very effective on containing the spread of communism.
Containment in Berlin
The capital of Germany, Berlin, was an unfortunate city surrounded by communist. On June 27, 1948 Stalin established a blockade on any shipments into West Berlin (Doc B) . Because Berlin was in the middle of communism, if they did not have their own way of getting resources on their own, Berlin would have to surrender to communism. U.S.' main goal was to contain communism, so to help out Berlin, they send in an airlift providing them with all necessities. The airlift kept communism from spreading because it helped Berlin from having to turn to communism for help. The airlift was effective because it kept communism from spreading into Berlin.
How did the U.s. contain communism?
The Soviet Union and the US had a serious difference. The US were capitalist and the Soviet Union were Communist. Communism is the belief that private property should be owned by the community. America set up a policy called "containment" to make sure that this idea of communism would not spread. US contained communism by airlifting supplies to Berlin, sending military support to South Korea, and establishing a quarantine to not let the Soviet Union into Cuba
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