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Interactive Design

No description

Maru Madrigal

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Interactive Design

Characteristics of
Interaction Design
Design involves changing situations by shaping and deploying artifacts
Characteristics of
Interaction Design
INTERNET + Home & leisure computing + digital interactive consumer products
Design and engineering towards a common interest.

"Interaction design is about shaping digital things for people’s use"
Origins of Interaction Design
“I felt that there was an opportunity to create a
new design discipline
, dedicated to creating
solutions in a virtual world, where one could design
animations, and sounds
as well as
. This would be the equivalent of industrial design but in software rather than three-dimensional objects. Like industrial design, the discipline would start from the
needs and desires of the people
who use a product or service, and strive to create designs that would give
aesthetic pleasure
as well as
lasting satisfaction

I gave my first conference presentation on the subject in 1984, and at that time I described it as
, thinking of a combination between software and user-interface design. We went on thinking of possible names until I eventually settled on
“interaction design”
with the help of Bill Verplank.”
-- Moggridge, 2007
Interaction Design
What is it?
Designerly activity, design process.
Opossed to buiding/making or creating.
Transformation and the means available for the designer to initiate change in a particular situation.

DELIMITATION: Interaction designer designs digital things.
Characteristics of
Interaction Design
Design is about exploring possible futures
Design concerns itself with that which could be.
Look around in a design space of possibilities before committing to a particular direction.
Inviting the future users in various forms of participation.

Characteristics of
Interaction Design
Design entails framing the “problem” in parallel with creating possible “solutions
Exploring possible futures implies not only different “design solutions” but also different “problems.”
Reconsidering notions of exhaustive specifications before build

Characteristics of
Interaction Design
Design involves thinking through sketching and other tangible representations
The drawings are
that respond with
possible changes
in a tight loop of thinking that involves the hand, the senses and the mind.

What is a sketch? External representation about the details and implications of a not-yet-finalized idea, and if it is quick, tentative and truly disposable.
Characteristics of
Interaction Design
Design addresses instrumental, technical, aesthetical and ethical aspects throughout
Technical decisions influence the aesthetic qualities of the resulting interaction, instrumental choices on features to offer have ethical repercussions, and so on.

Where good ideas come from?
Watch and listen to answered the questions
1. Which were the tools and techniques for
working with information?

2. What did the human being when they start
gathering lots of information?

3.When were we able to transmit information instantly over vast distances?

4. What did Vannevar Bush did?

5. Which was the first personal computer and what was it made for?

6. Who proposed an Interconnected network of computers for sharing information based on hypertext and what important event happened based on this proposal?

7. What are the newest tools that we use for recording, manipulating, and communicating information?
Interaction Design defines the way people interact with an specific product and how this product responds to their actions. Our gold as interaction designers is to make this interaction the most intuitive, simple and clear as it can be.


Investigar un proyecto que
identifiquen como diseño
Y explicar cómo aplican los puntos
anteriormente vistos.


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