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World War I

No description

Michael Baranick

on 15 July 2016

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Transcript of World War I

World War 1

What Started World War I?
Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
Trouble in Africa
July Crisis
Austria-Hungary ready for war
Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
Germany announces blockade around England
The Balkans
The "powder keg of Europe"
Western Front stalemate
End of World War I
European Arms race
Isolate France
Alsace - Lorraine
"Sick Man of Europe"
Ottoman Empire crumbling
Balkan Wars
First Balkan War - 1912
Franz Ferdinand
Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire
German Advances
Germany invades Belgium
Eastern Front
Russia invades East Prussia
Refused to fight w/Austria and Germany
1st Moroccan Crisis
Moroccan independence
2nd Moroccan Crisis
1911 - Moroccan Riot
Schlieffen Plan
Two-Front war
Plan 17
Franco-Prussian War
Zimmermann Telegram
1917 - unrestricted sub warfare continued
Brusilov Offensive
United States
Great Britain
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Is that the whole story?
What else is going on in Europe?
German Army
British Navy
Universal conscription
Military sizes double between 1870 & 1914
Technological & Weaponry Adcancements
Barbed Wire
Machine Guns
Flame Throwers
Poison Gas
Austria-Hungary and Germany form the Dual Alliance
Russia signs defensive alliance with France
England joins in forming Triple Entente
Triple Alliance
Triple Entente


Later called the "Central Powers"


Later called the "Allied Powers"
Germany and Italy in Africa
Ottoman Empire Crumbling
Next "Africa" = Balkans
Long range Artillery
Intense pride for one's country
Balkan nationalists movements
European nationalism
"Saber rattling"
“The next great European War will come out of some danged foolish thing in the Balkans.” - Otto von Bismarck in 1888
He was right
Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia & Herzegovena
Nationalist movements spread
Serbia ready for war
Russia intervenes
Balkan League
Second Balkan War - 1913
Serbia biggest winners
Serbian nationalism
The Black Hand
Declare war on Ottoman Empire
Gavrilo Princip
1904 British-French agreement
Berlin Conference
Kaiser Wilhelm II to Morocco
Algeciras Conference
NO foreign military in Morocco
German gunship - Panther
British battleships
Treaty of Fes
War diverted
German support?
Blank Check
28 July Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
1 August - Germany declares war on Russia
3 August - Germany declares war on France
4 August - Germany declares war on Belgium
4 August - England declares war on Germany
Alfred von Schlieffen
France first
Russia second
Through Belgium
Alsace - Lorraine
Joseph Joffre
Straight to Alsace - Lorraine
Ignore Beglian border
Italian presence in Africa?
1911 - Declared war on Ottoman Empire
Italy WINS!
Italy gains Libya and Rhodes
Sparks Balkan confidence
Balkan League
End of 1914
"Rape of Belgium"
6 September - 45 miles from Paris
1st Battle of the Marne
Taxi cabs to the front
Germany halted; retreats to Aisne River
"Race to the sea"
Defenses Ready = machine guns
Battle of Tannenberg
Russia pushed back
1st Battle of Masurian Lakes
Major German victory
Russia pushed out of Germany
Ludendorff and Hindenburg heroes
Defensive agreement only
Secret negotiations w/England and France
1915 - Officially joins Allies
Declares war on Austria-Hungary
Central Powers
Ottoman Empire
Allied Powers
New Zealand
Christmas 1914
Christmas Day truce
Began sinking merchant ships
R.M.S. Lusitania
America outraged
Woodrow Wilson
"Neutral in thought as well as deed."
Gallipoli Campaign
Third front?
Ottoman Empire
1st large-scale amphibious landing
Land on beaches
Dig trenches
Allies retreat
Churchill resigns
Italy would join later = Triple Alliance
Defensive pact with Russia
French troops
Willy and Nicky Letters
Spanish-French agreement
Major saber rattling
"I expected that the commotion itself would create a stir... nothing of the kind! Nobody took the slightest notice...people thought we were bluffing!" - Italian diplomat
Serbia, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria
Serbian ultimatum
Slow Year
Trench warfare
Germany takes Warsaw
First German Zeppelin attack
German U-boats block England
English Navy blockades Germany
U.S. cuts diplomatic ties with Germany
German Telegram to Mexico
England intercepts it
Published in newspapers
6 April - U.S. declares war on Germany
Russia losing ground
Major offensive
600,000 Russian troops
Romania joins the war
German reinforcements
Russia finally stopped
1,400,000 A-H casualties
1,000,000 Russian casualties
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk w/Germany
Ludendorff Offensive
Ludendorff and Hindenburg to west
“ We must strike at the earliest moment before the Americans can throw strong forces into the scale. We must beat the British.”
Storm troopers
Battle of Caporetto
Attack between British & French
“We are going like Hell – on and on, day and night. Our baggage is somewhere in the rear and we don’t expect to see it again.” Captain Rudolf Binding
Paris to fall?
Battle of Chateau-Thierry
Offensive over in July
German Reactions
What happened?
Rumors amongst soldiers
Stabbed-in-the-back myth
100 Days Offensive
War of attrition
"Bleed France white" -Gen. Falkenhayn
Battle of Verdun
England attack the Somme
Give it to U.S.?
British attack Gaza from Egypt
U.S. declares war on Germany
Mutinies from French Soldiers
Capture Jerusalem
Ottoman Empire DEAD!
Allied advance
Armistice with US?
Ludendorff resigns
Kaiser abdicates
German Navy Mutiny
Weimar Government
11 November - Armistice
British conquer Baghdad
March 1918
Wiemar Government
14 Points
Free Trade
NO Reparations
No more colonialism
Freedom of the seas
DO NOT want: territorial gains, colonial holdings, or reparations
British Naval advantage
Reparations Payments
Rebuild Germany
New Colonies
No Self-rule for colonies
New territory & colonies
Reparations payments
No Yugoslavia
Port of Fiume
No Self-rule
Immediate action!
Reparations payments
Rhineland established
Territories lost through wars
German Army < 100,000 men
No artillery, planes, or tanks
Maintain colonies
Treaty of Versailles
German Army - 100,000 men
German Navy - 2 Battleships
NO submarines
Rhineland established
Alsace-Lorraine to France
No more colonies
Pay Reparations - $33 billion
Responsible for WW1
League of Nations
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