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All About Creative Writing

Includes: information about the subtopics and tips for writing


on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of All About Creative Writing

Example of an Authorized Biography
Example of an Unauthorized Biographies
“In the late spring of 2008, rumors circulated that Karl Rove was in possession of a video tape which showed Michelle Obama denouncing the white race or the white people in the most violent and abusive terms. This video tape was thought to represent the “October surprise” against Obama referred to by the Clinton campaign in its conference calls, a ticking time bomb underneath the entire Obama candidacy, capable of wiping him off the political map within a few days. This may also have been what right-wing columnist Robert Novak had been referring to in the fall of 2007...”
All about
Creative Writing

Purpose: to express a thought, feeling, emotions, story etc..

Made by: Bridget
Types: Fiction Writing, Micro stories, Poetry, Creative Non-fiction

Fiction Writing
most popular type of creative writing
Must Haves:
Plot (draws reader in)
subplot (other characters other than the main)
conflict (adds excitement)
setting (Believability is a necessity)
Style and grammar (PROOF READ!)
Creative Vs. Technical
creative writing is written for the right brain (creative)
written to entertain and educate
technical writing is written for the left brain (logical).
written to inform and to trigger the person reading into making an action
Twitter fiction/Micro Stories
twitter fiction contains 140 characters
Micro stories can include up to 300 characters
depending on where you are writing
contains all elements of a story
difficult to write so concisely
with so little words it is often interpreted differently
becoming more popular
All the characters that you can use in your story
Example of Micro story
For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.
-- Hemingway
Tips for Writing a Micro story
start with “when”
the technique moves the story faster
short names
Al, Rob, Mae.
some punctuation can be implied.
be flexible with gender
male words are generally shorter

51 of the 140 characters

many sub-genres
Sonnet, haiku, ballad, tanka, pantoum, roundel,
Learn types and terms for successful writing
Add elements
enjambment, metaphors, personification etc.
So much to learn that poetry is it's own topic
Creative Non-Fiction
truth is sometimes better than fiction.

certain amount of creativity is needed to write

Types of Creative non-fiction
Fictional (consider it as first person novel)
Sensationalist (mostly written by ghost writers)
Memoirs (more to come later)

Authorized biographies
Portrays the positive sides of a person in their work (human nature).

Unauthorized biographies
tend be negative.
can be viewed as an intrusion of privacy in the subject’s life

an autobiographical writing
covers only a select period of the subject’s life or a single experience
with some historical
author referred to
as a memoirist

How to Start Writing Creatively
Why Proofread?
make common mistakes
People see you as an amateur
Microsoft Word isn't always correct
change uncommon words used multiple times.
Grammar break the rules BUT
you must know the reason why you broke it and why
it wasn’t appropriate.
If you don’t know that you broke a rule or why, your credibility goes out of the window
not just the words but the plot, characters etc
it can take weeks. Make it shine

How to Start Writing Creatively Continued
14 lines
regular rhyme and meter
two usually contrastive ideas
3 main types, Italian, Spenserian, English

Example of a Spencerian Sonnet
One day I wrote her name upon the strand,
But came the waves and washed it away:
Again I wrote it with a second hand,
But came the tide and made my pains his prey.
Vain man (said she), that dost in vain assay
A mortal thing so to immortalise;
For I myself shall like to this decay,
And eke my name be wiped out likewise.
Not so (quod I); let baser things devise
To die in dust, but you shall live by fame;
My verse your virtues rare shall eternise,
And in the heavens write your glorious name:
Where, whenas death shall all the world subdue,
Our love shall live, and later life renew.
Spenserian Sonnets
three quatrains
invented by Edmund Spenser in the late 16th century


short song
thirty-one syllables, five-line
5/7/5/7/7 syllable lines
resembles the sonnet in someways
pivotal ideas/concepts
originated in the seventh century
One of the oldest Japanese forms,
preferred verse form in the Japanese Imperial Court
Newspapers sometimes carry weekly tankas
used to engage in courtship
often given as gifts

A narrative poem,
often of folk origin
intended to be sung,
has a refrain
composed in short stanzas
tells a story
iambic heptameter

originated in Malaysia in the fifteenth-century
composed of a series of quatrains
repeating lines throughout the poem
second and fourth lines of each stanza are repeated as the first and third lines of the next
except for the final stanza, which differs in the repeating pattern
Rhyme Scheme
Stanza 1 A B C D
Stanza 2 B E D F
Stanza 3 E G F H
Stanza 4 G I (or A or C)
H J (or A or C)

A. Start small,
i. a poem or story story
B. find a topic-
i. If you can't find one look on writing topic lists
make observations about the world around
C. Pick a time of the day when you can write and you
normally feel creative
D. Have fun with it.
E. If you get stuck, work on a mini project,
a small poem, a 100 word story, etc..
to get the creative juices flowing
F. Experiment with all different types till you find
one that you enjoy
G. Revise and Proofread
Tips and Tricks
keep it short and sweet, we live in the 30 second world now.
make the beginning chapters attention grabbing
but make sure it doesn't go downhill from there.
laugh at your own jokes
chances are that somebody will find it super funny

Unauthorized Biographies
“kiss and tell” book.
written by career journalists and scholars
written by a former confidante or employee of the subject
Authorized Biographies
written with the help/cooperation of the person whom the book

usually written history of a person's life
but could be a video, a CD, a T.V. show

an account of the life of something (as an animal, a coin, or a building)
iambic pentameter
Rhyme Scheme
multiple possibilities for rhyming scheme

Example of a English Sonnet
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature’s changing course untrimm’d;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this and this gives life to thee.
Shakespeare Sonnet 18
Example of a Italian Sonnet
Turn back the heart you've turned away

Give back your kissing breath

Leave not my love as you have left

The broken hearts of yesterday

But wait, be still, don't lose this way

Affection now, for what you guess

May be something more, could be less

Accept my love, live for today.

Your roses wilted, as love spurned

Yet trust in me, my love and truth

Dwell in my heart, from which you've turned

My strength as great as yours aloof.

It is in fear you turn away

And miss the chance of love today!
--James DeFord, 1997
Petrarch, Creator of Petrarachan Sonnets
-- Edmund Spenser
composed of three quatrains and a terminal couplet
iambic pentameter

may also be called
Elizabethan sonnet

Japanese poem
conveys the essence of an experience of nature or the season intuitively linked to the human condition
contains allusions to nature or the seasons
use of three lines of up to 17 syllables,
"5–7–5" form

William Shakespeare
Example of a Haiku
In the twilight rain
these brilliant-hued hibiscus -
A lovely sunset

- Bashō
sets of four lines,
with the second and fourth lines rhyming
Example of a Ballad
Fair Kate was jolly, bright, and gay,
And sunny as a summer day;

Marie was kind, sedate, and sweet,
With gentle ways and manners neat.

Each was so dear that John confessed
He could not tell which he liked best.

He studied them for quite a year,
And still found no solution near,

And might have studied two years more
Had he not, walking on the shore,

Conceived a very simple way
Of ending his prolonged delay--

A way in which he might decide
Which of the maids should be his bride.

He said, "I'll toss into the air
A dollar, and I'll toss it fair;

If heads come up, I'll wed Marie;
If tails, fair Kate my bride shall be."

Then from his leather pocket-book
A dollar bright and new he took;

He kissed one side for fair Marie,
The other side for Kate kissed he.

The Ballad Of A John Henry King
by Ellis Parker Butler
Then in a manner free and fair
He tossed the dollar in the air.

"Ye fates," he cried, "pray let this be
A lucky throw indeed for me!"

The dollar rose, the dollar fell;
He watched its whirling transit well,

And off some twenty yards or more
The dollar fell upon the shore.

John Henry ran to where it struck
To see which maiden was in luck.

But, oh, the irony of fate!
Upon its edge the coin stood straight!

And there, embedded in the sand,
John Henry let the dollar stand!

And he will tempt his fate no more,
But live and die a bachelor.

Thus, ladies, you have heard me sing
The ballad of John Henry King
Example of a Tanka
weeks after the blizzard
dirty mounds of snow
and swayback aspens
how long does it take
for love to disappear?
Margaret Chula
Example of a Pantoum
Invisible bars on my window sill
Summer breeze set me free
Popping seaweed bubbles on the beach
Screaming out but never heard

Summer breeze set me free
Beach sticks on a shard of glass
Screaming out but never heard
Innocence being swept away

Beach sticks on a shard of glass
My Baby self never was
Innocence being swept away
Holding on to summer days

My Baby self never was
Invisible bars on my window sill
Holding on to summer days
Popping seaweed bubbles on the beach
Example of a Roundel
Malaysia in the 15th century
Ngaire Patiole
nine lines
same number of syllables per line
refrain must be identical with the beginning of the first line:
may be a half-line, and rhymes with the second line
refrain after the third line and after the last line
A B A ; R ; B A B ; A B A ; R (R refrain)
Sleeping at last, the trouble and tumult over,
Sleeping at last, the struggle and horror past,

Cold and white, out of sight of friend and of lover,

Sleeping at last.

No more a tired heart downcast or overcast,

No more pangs that wring or shifting fears that hover,

Sleeping at last in a dreamless sleep locked fast.

Fast asleep. Singing birds in their leafy cover

Cannot wake her, nor shake her the gusty blast.

Under the purple thyme and the purple clover

Sleeping at last.
Algernon Charles Swinburne
potential for a lawsuit
libel, (an untruthful statement that damages one’s
invasion of privacy,
misappropriation of the right of publicity,
copyright infringement,
unfair competition
breach of confidence
Webster Griffin Tarpley ProgRESSive page 304, paragraph 4
“It wasn’t until my family moved to Texas, after the war, that the questions of race began to interlude on their lives. During his first week on the job there, Gramps received some friendly advice from his fellow furniture salesmen about serving black and Mexican customers: “If the coloreds want to look at the merchandise, they need to come after hours and arrange for their own delivery.’”
Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance -Martian Wright Edelman Page 27, paragraph 2
Meerkat Babies
old Japanese coins

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Class of 2016
Listen, ladies, while I sing
The ballad of John Henry King.

John Henry was a bachelor,
His age was thirty-three or four.

Two maids for his affection vied,
And each desired to be his bride,

And bravely did they strive to bring
Unto their feet John Henry King.

John Henry liked them both so well,
To save his life he could not tell

Which he most wished to be his bride,
Nor was he able to decide.

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