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College and career

No description

jesica barba

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of College and career

Jesica Barba
period 0
due 10/31/16
Plastic surgeons perform operations that change the shape or appearance of a part of a patients body .
What they do :
Chemistry (organic)
Chemistry (inorganic)
Money and Outlook:
Job Growth: 18%
Plastic reconstructive salary: is $358,028 as of April 26, 2016

College and Career Research Project
practician office

What to learn:
Vital Information:
Tuition Expenses:
Estimated Total Cost:
Admission Requirements
Student Demographics :
Stanford University
450 Serra Mall,Stanford,CA 94305
average freshman GPA is 4.18
graduation rate for hispanics is 93.5%
male/female ratio is 59% to 41%
resident/nonresident ratio is
student/faculty ratio is 4:1
undergraduates: 6,994 graduates: 9,128
About 6,500 undergraduates and 5,700 graduates live on campus.
97% of undergraduates live in on-campus housing.
64% of housing-eligible graduate students live on campus.
81 diverse facilities, including all-freshmen and four-class residences, small group houses, apartments and suites.
650+ organized student groups
44 recognized religious organizations
Over 88 student groups committed to the arts
36 varsity sports and 24 club sports
107 NCAA team championships
State-of-the-art recreation and fitness facilities
An estimated 13,000 bicycles on campus
79 free Marguerite shuttles
35 miles to San Francisco and 19 miles to San Jose
Campus Life :
Pros :
cons :
great finacial aid
academic excellence
graduation rate is 56 percentage points higher than the national average
make good money
you can set you hours
specialty and career growth
acceptance rate is 58.5%
a lot of education required
work longer hours to see more patients
stanford is located:
450 Serra mall , stanford, ca 94305
about 17,833p people attend stanford
Career and college project
jesica barba
period 0

recontructive surgeon (plastic surgeon)
in-state tuition : $46,320
out-of-state tuition : $46,320
other expenses
tuition: $46,320
room and board : $13,631
other expenses: $2,550
books and supplies: $1,425
personal expenses: $2,550
Total cost of attendance: $66,476
average highschool gpa of the freshman admitted was 4.18 on 4.0 scale
sat composite range : 1300-1570
act composite range :31-34
aplication fee :$90
letters of recomendation from 2 teachers
american society of plastic surgeons
american board of plastin surgeons
one year of college for both residents and non-residents is $112,796
completion of four years of college is about $451,184
my career plans are to go to stanford and by earning a bachelor's degree and then going on to medical school and finally, completing a post-graduate residency. plastic surgeons perform an important jobs: They restore damaged bodies after accidents ans fix problem areas that do not look right. in 20 years i do see myself working in this field because i want to help fix the appearence of people . i choose stanford because of their medical school .
thank you !!!!
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