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case 5: TEGA payment system

No description

norliana lani

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of case 5: TEGA payment system

Feasibility of Web-based Transaction System Introduction of case Flow chart help TEGA London and TEGA KL figure out their problem.

Third alternative is the most suitable

Integrated web-based transaction system is feasible in term of technical, operational and schedule. The TEGA Payment System Group 2 Weaknesses current system Has no real time data integration with TEGA KL
Transaction needs 40-50 days to process
Payment process needs 10-15 minutes to respond
Suffer high error rate Web-based Transaction System Outsource Off-the-shelf Co-sourcing Is the act of a company contracting with another company that provide services

Mitigate the shortage of skill or expertise in IT
Financial advantages - save RM50,000 Off-the-shelf software is available from merchandise in stock and is not custom-made
Can modify the software
Can get the features that does not know is needed
Useful for the first learner Is jointly develop the system with a vendor

Minimize the sourcing risk
Better cost saving compared to fully outsource
Reduced defects and increased quality In-house (Internally) Alternative 3 benefit Weakness Schedule Feasibility Schedule feasibility is defined as the likelihood of a project being completed within its scheduled time frame.

In this case, the new system had been estimated to use around six month according to the proposed project timeline to complete the new system. This new system is ready before the student fee billing period between mid-October 2009 and end-January 2010 Operational Feasibility Technical Operational Schedule Feasibility Technical Feasibility To determine whether TEGA have an enough technical capability to install and support the new system requirements in London Did not have IT unit available in London and this installation will be handling by the Management Information System Department in TEGA KL. This does not mean lack of technical expertise in London. From our point of view, TEGA is considered technical feasible because have a sufficient technical expertise to develop, install, operate and maintain the integrated web-based system. In this case, we perform operational feasibility study is to measure how well integrated web-based system solves the problems faced by TEGA London according to PIECES Framework.
From our point of view, TEGA London is considered operational feasible which is the new system is able to solve current problems faced by TEGA. Accurate and useful information Reduce in cost Effective control to protect against fraud and to guarantee accuracy and security of data and information Maximum use of available resources Expandable and flexible PIECES FRAMEWORK Technical Operational Schedule Feasible to be implement Established on 1 March 1966
Government agency that offering scholarship to students pursing studies oversea. Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and international offices in London, Washington D.C and Jakarta TEGA KL TEGA London Vision - To be an outstanding self-reliant, autonomous and trustworthy organization.

Mission - to be the custodian of trusts towards contributing to the well-being of future Malaysians through various economic, educational and social. Alternatives to implement new Web-based Transaction System Conducting an activity or operation within a company without relying on outside parties

Ownership or right in controlling
Security and confidentiality Thank you Adequate throughput and respond time late payment on tuition fees and monthly allowances ...
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