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Core Provinces of Canada

No description

Mariam Mansour

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of Core Provinces of Canada

Geography Ontario
system of waterways is very important for the transportation of goods.
Ontario is attached to all 5 of the Great Lakes Quebec Canadian Shield: bed of rocks covers 4/5 of the province
Appalachian Mountains are on the south east border Demographic Studies Total Population: 20,045,959 Ontario Quebec Birth Rate: 144,482
Death Rate: 95,623 Birth Rate: 88,350
Death Rate: 60, 200 Maps Other Charts Agriculture Quebec Ontario lowlands are used for producing feed grains and for the lucrative dairy industry
They also make Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar Variey of crops including corn, soybeans, and whitebeans.
Hot summers with high humidity and cold winters with little rain
Able to grow a wide range of fruits and vegetables
Industry Mineral Wealth Regional Problems The Core Provinces of Canada Quebec Main industry is mining and forestry
In the plains many people farm
More and more people are starting to want to do manufacturing and service Ontario Main industry is farming and business/ manufactruing
Main goods include cars, food products, clothing, and building materials The Core Canadian Provinces are global leaders in mining. They mine pertoleum, minerals, agricultural products, and energy. Specific examples of industrial minerals are gold, silver, platinum, nickel, and copper. The health care system is a major issue in Canada. they system is not harnessing use of information, communication, and diagnostic technology to its full potential. Acid rain is a major problem. The ambulance services are inadequate, slow in response times, and they are at a very high cost. Ontario Under 25% of Canada's population speaks French, and of those people 85% live in Quebec. In Quebec, the official language is French. Montreal, Quebec is the second largest French speaking city in the world, after Paris. Quebec is the only city in North America that is completey surrounded by 4 meter high walls. Interesting Facts In fact, Quebec contributes about 70% of the world's total maple syrup 7,509,928 people 12,536,031 people
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