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Social Media Presentation

No description

Matthew Jeffrey

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Social Media Presentation

Social Media - Prime Time Recruitment
“Social Media enhances the human touch in the recruitment process”
Marvin Smith
What is Social Media within Recruitment?
“It’s not what you say it is
It's what other people let you know it is"
- Sir Terry Leahy
What is...
The World Of Social Media
Enhancing brand reputation
Fundamental shift in business
Engage with people
Engaging with passive candidates
Adding value to your community
Not just sourcing
Staying in the game
Is Social Media
If you wish to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words.
-Roman Statesman Cicero

{106 BC – 43 BC}
65% of Online Adults use Social Networking Sites <30 over 29m sites
Other Social Media
Social Networking
Social Media is consulting, is recruitment?
Changing way to find staff
Recruiting top talent
Talent pools
Common experience
Best ROI
Reducing spend
Now And Then
Adverts –Interview-Job Boards
Phone, mail, email, SMS
Job Boards in decline -SM increased in presence
625M internet users
75,000 Recruiters in UK
71% social network users

120m search on iPhone apps
1 phone average 72 apps
Email 72 iPhone 20 - who gets the applicant first?
Google 50M job seeking related searches a month

$8bn sales through mobile at eBay and PayPal

Source Google analytical
Mobile Recruiting
47% use mobiles
40% of SM from handsets
11% tablets
Start with a mobile site 30m searches from mobile
So lo Mo –social local mobile
Apply on our site for a job – what is the experience ?
Apply on our site for a job – what is the experience ?
Have you a mobile website?
X or Y
Generation X
Generation Y
In 2013 Smart Phones will outsell PC's and Laptops
More Text will be sent per day than people are alive on Earth
Gen Y 33% 1980- 2000

Gen X 18% 1965-1979

Boomers 34% 1946-1964
Gen Y are the job seekers –entry level
Influence on business
Development of a marketplace
67% want to engage
79% receptive to employers
14% believe adverts (300) per day

78% trust recommendations
They are the future
They have the upper hand
What's out there!
Generation Y
What's special about Generation Y?
Generation Y - considerations
Why LinkedIn?
Professional white collar (Office) network for grown ups
2008 22m users 2012 70m users
2008 0.5m groups 2012 120m, 2 new every second
1m companies
UK 7m users –one of the fastest growing regions
All FTSE 100, All Fortune 500
Search and connect
Share ideas
Make decisions
Launch ideas
Employees are publishers who are ambassadors
Solve problems
Manage personal brand
Find opportunities
Passive sourcing ready to apply, looking for a job accept best job offered
Passive no C.V., may listen, move for right job, seeking info

Join Groups to build a network
Create specialist communities
Follow companies
Tree – Low hanging Fruit
Identity –professional identity record – keywords index through searches Corporate company status updates not personal gets brand ou
Insights news explore tools business insights , personalised trade magazine can have different versions 150000 publishers 30bn page views pa
Everywhere – apply with linked in – add to web site –takes linked in profile
www.learnlinkedin.com/company pages
I'm on LinkedIn, now what?
Who uses it?
What do your pages look like?

What do you want to use it for
What your profile should say LION ,elite, vertical ?
Groups, advertising groups, signposting
Following companies
People you
know, like, trust
People they
know, like, trust.

Maintain customer relationships
Meet new prospects- Open doors
Acquire referrals from prequalified prospects
Partner with organisations and business mentors
Raise you personal brand profile
Publicise your brand through word of mouth
Create you as a company ambassador
Find industry updates, legislation changes
Maintain customer relationships
Meet new prospects- Open doors
Acquire referrals from pre-qualified prospects
Partner with organisations and business mentors
Raise you personal brand profile
Publicise your brand through word of mouth
Create you as a company ambassador

Find industry updates, legislation changes

Name, headline, industry
How to connect (idk)
Connecting outside LinkedIn
Using groups to strengthen network
Asking and answering questions
Maintaining Relationships
Where are you now?
Let's do business!
-With who?
Fundamental Principles of Networking
What should your LinkedIn Profile do
for you!
Building your Profile
What Happen...
In Practice

Over 2 million companies on Linkedin
498,000 visitors per day
73% of users keen to receive messages about new ‘career opportunities’
Access to DM details
Free to use
Gaining new contacts VS other routes
Company name search
Contact name search
Contact details
To: Gerry Strain Sent: Wed Jun 08 08:46:39 2011 Subject: Linkedin
Paul Bygraves has sent you a message.
Date: 6/08/2011
Subject: Linkedin

Dear Gerry,

Thank you for accepting my Linkedin request. I am a National Account Manager at Prime Time and have worked with Danwood recruiting Sales Executives across the UK. I was hoping to get in touch to see if you have any current requirements as we have candidates across Scotland that I believe would meet the criteria you usually look for?

Kind Regards Paul
From: Gerry Strain [mailto:Gerry.Strain@danwoodscotland.co.uk] Sent: 08 June 2011 09:07 To: paul bygraves Subject: Re: Linkedin
Hi Paul,

Thanks for this.

Yes actually, I do. There's 3 vacancies I have just now - do you have any CV's that you could send me across urgently as I need to have heads in place by Q4 which starts in July. We can get things moving from there?

Many thanks,
Retail Merchant Services – 16 Vacancies, 10 Scores worth £32,800
Cardsave – 22 Vacancies – 16 Scores so far worth £55,600...
Regus – Won place on the PSL – 1 score worth £3,750 – 32 vacancies so far
Payzone – 26 vacancies, 22 scores worth £55,000
Transax/FIS – 4 Vacancies – 2 scores worth £7,500
Plenty more in the pipeline...
Kayleigh Wenham – Joined PT six weeks ago
Trained on the art of LinkedIn/Spec calls
Had two Strong Candidates from the merchant services industry
Found the Head of Sales on Linkedin
Emailed him selling in the two candidates
DM came back 24 later and has seven live vacancies
Growing sales team from 23 – 60 so a lot more opportunities to come
The Result
A whole lot can happen out of the blue.

When Paul made attempts to contact me I was happy with the agencies we were using but I was finally defeated with Pauls persuasive approach to working with us on our Field Sales Manager vacancies of which we had 17 at the time.

 He convinced me through his professional approach in his e-mails via Linkedin and in further discussions. Paul also convinced me that Primetime have a strong brand name and it wasn’t a small time business who I’d never heard of, so that gave me a more confidence. 
I gave Paul some of our London roles to work on and the quality was significantly better than the candidates I had seen from the others and they were turning up for interview which was great!
I was so confident in his ability to find the right people that I gave him many more roles across the UK to work on and sure enough he consistently delivered on those too.
So far, Primetime have filled 16 vacancies with Payzone UK Ltd which is testament to Pauls qualities as a recruiter as well as all involved in the recruitment process.
I can honestly say that Paul has been a pleasure to work with, he is a very credible recruiter with bags of passion for what he does, and as far as Payzone are concerned we will only work with Paul and Prime Time in the future.
Thank you for all your hard work and exceptional results.
Kelly Lowne Recruitment Executive Office : 01606 338 245 Mobile : 07825 006 964 Email : Kelly.Lowne@payzone.co.uk www.payzone.co.uk
More of this please!
Good things come to those who wait!
Can key word search, locations, job title, geosearch, local people , local skills
Job distribution tool
Career site
Passive sourcing tool
Multiple twitter accounts – local-specialist
Tweet of value to be recognised
Hash tags www.hashtagsmadeuseful.com

Hashtags create for industry
# Hashtags
No 1 Social Media site
24/7 365 (coffee shop)
24/7 365 (Coffee Shop)
15,000,000 users in the UK alone
2,000,000 Tweets every day
Fastest growing group for Generation Y
Second fastest Generation X group
1:8 tweets are Re-Tweeted
Hash Tag Twitter Sites
Way to keep in contact (pub)
No2 SM site 30m= 50% of UK population

More traffic than Google
800m users
9.1m Gen Y users
50% log in every day

Page is branded and indexed on Google
Need to post as a brand and not as an individual

Changing “like” to “ I am working for”
Need a Corporate Page
Note Adverts Timberland, Dulux, no web address
Good Examples of Corporate Site G4s
Facebook advertising is free and very specific

50% Business post videos on You Tube
12 billion video views
Links to all other SM media
Shows benefits of a company
Medium to sell
Fastest growing site
2.5m in 8 weeks
Circles-You share different things with different people.
Hangouts Bumping into friends while you’re out is one of the best parts of going out and about. With Hangouts, spontaneity hits the web. Whether you’re home in your pajamas or hitting the streets with your mobile phone, video hangouts let you bring up to 9 people into your world. It’s the next best thing to everyone being there.
Search What was that restaurant your friend was raving about last week? Who’s got some good tips on ballroom dancing? What’s it like to be at the World Cup? Search brings you updates from your circles, news from around the web and public Google+ posts, giving you instant access to the topics you care about and the people who care about them along with you.
Sparks – news alerts
Facts and Figures
Must have a SM strategy
(what you want)
Must have objectives
(end goal)
SM guidelines
Know where the community is
Fish where the fish are
What needs to change?
Landing Page
Where we are now
Profile Pictures
SAP Miller used agencies for 80% before LinkedIn now only 20%
Oracle EMEA sales Recruitment via SM
Logitex took 70 days to recruit now only 40days
Able -74% on Linked-in now have 3x more offers
Primark using Twitter have 102 vacancies -124 clicks per job
CK Clinical 83% increase in registrations 4000-10000 pm
Prospectus IT (1 man band)
Deloittes got from job sites 5579 from sm 33266 saved 1m
EMC Consulting was tasked with moving the company’s recruitment away from agencies and take the process in-house. She now recruits all EMC employees through social media sites. In doing so, she saved the company £2.7m in agency fees, not to mention the time saved by consultants in toiling through mountains of C.V.s.
Rules of Engagement
Takes time and effort
Takes resources
Desire and commitment
Don’t dominate content
How to engage with products
LinkedIn Overview
Facebook Overview
What are we going to do today?
Introduction to Social Media
Twitter Overview
Facts and Figures
When Social Media Works
Understand the different types on Social Media
Current Profile
What we need to change
25% add a new contact a day
Don't believe corporate propaganda
Need constant appraisals
Job consumers –continual learning
45% read blogs
80% on network sites
Core values meaningless
.,md ., m.,msd.,

This is how you write.
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